Q Prom, Sideburns, Duct Tape

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Last night was Q Prom. The Q stands for Queer. It was fun, though not as fantastic as the school's prom. But it did give me a perfect opportunity to wear sideburns.

My face looks kind of dweeby in this photo but that's okay. The point is, I love having sideburns! Seriously, I wish I could wear them all the time. Not grow them... no. Not grow them. And not, like, a tattoo or anything. Just draw them on with permanent marker or something. Maybe a henna tattoo. Anyway, the point is that I thoroughly enjoyed having sideburns last night. As I readily informed anyone who commented on them.

I was surprised at how many people there I didn't know. By way of high schools, my town only has my school, the private Catholic school, and the not-quite-dropout school, so a lot of these people were from out of town or weren't in high school anymore. I talked to a few new people whom I'll probably never meet again, including a girl who had lived in about a zillion different places in the country because of her military parents, and a trans guy who talked on and on about cosplaying and was the only person that I know recognised me as female.

The dance was held at a local museum that... its interior really seems to be larger than its exterior. And I had to learn to say it that way, too, because the first few times I tried to point out that the museum is 'bigger on the inside,' which is the easiest way to say it, the person to whom I commented would invariably turn out to be a Doctor Stalker, even the people I would last suspect of DoctorStalkerHood, like Flaming Boy from North Carolina, and serious discussion of the museum's bizarre quality would be lost amidst talk of Tardises. Gaaah, I just can't escape the Doctor Stalkers no matter where I go. Regi and Leaena weren't even there. I tell you, it's an invasion. A foreign show!

It was kind of funny, though, because my sideburns effectively sorted the Doctor Stalkers, who of course said they looked like you-know-whose, from those not 'indoctrinated' (hahah yes Leaena is so clever blah blah blah can you tell I'm getting very tired of being surrounded by fanatics and yet they've done a good job of dragging me over to the dark side even though I'm not happy about it - heheheh, I'm a Doctor Stalker exactly the way Flyby is a Gleek) - 'those not indoctrinated' being Ladybug and sweet-little-closet-boy Stevie - said something having to do with Elvis. Oh, Stevie. Everyone he knows is a Doctor Stalker; they'll get him soon enough, the way they got me. Resistance is futile.

Anyway, yeah, there was food and loud noise and dancing and ultraviolet light, and if I had known beforehand that there would be ultraviolet light I would have drawn on my chest in highlighter instead of brown, and it would have glowed. Alas. Yes I haven't mentioned yet that I drew sort of an abstract design thing on my chest, because I've been wanting to do that for a while... And I did this thing with duct tape so that I could unbutton my shirt way down past the xiphoid and not have to worry about my breasts, like so:

So I think most people not-of-my-acquaintance thought I was male. Which was cool. Duct tape is fantastic stuff. Really, is there anything it can't do? ...Actually, hang on, I think the Mythbusters have scientifically proven that no, there isn't anything duct tape can't do. Yeah. Duct tape.

Anyway, yeah, Q Prom. It was pretty good. And I want sideburns.


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teach me to do the duct tape

teach me to do the duct tape thing.


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I've got really small breasts, so that may make it easier for me, because I don't have to compress them at all, just change their shape. But what I did was take a long piece of duct tape, put one end of it over one breast, wrap it around behind my back, and the other end over the other breast so it sort of pulled them to the sides. Then I took a few smaller pieces of duct tape and used them to cover and shape whatever still needed it.

The tape hurt coming off, but that's only to be expected...

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you look great! And I say that since it's the first time I've ever seen a picture of you. I would never be so brave as to put my picture on the net.

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Yeah, I didn't want to put a photo of myself for a long time - and the first time I did do it, I was wearing a mask in the picture! - but thinking about it I really see no reason not to. I mean, I don't know how anyone could possibly use it to do creepy or dangerous things. If somebody recognises me in real life because of having seen my pictures here, that's great! Friends finally meet! I actually have sort of a fear that I and another Oasisan will meet/see/pass-by-on-the-street but not recognise each other.

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Duct tape can't buy you love!

Actually... you know what? That's one I don't want to think about.

Good to hear you had fun at the prom. How'd you do the sideburns?

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I expect a lot of people would find mad duct-taping skills very attractive!
The sideburns I just drew on with eyeliner.

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Really? That is a VERY good


That is a VERY good job you did there.

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I'm sorry

the first thing I thought of when you mentioned the museum that was bigger on the inside was the Tardis.
Matt Smith is incredibly cute :P


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Oh boy.... Another one!

Oh boy.... Another one! (Smiley.) Inevitable nerd discussion to follow?

I don't really like Eleven, though I'm not sure the two episodes I've seen give me the ability to say that with certainty. I like Ten, but probably not as much as everyone else does, but I really like Nine, who doesn't get nearly so much attention. I haven't seen any of the Classic series yet, but (eep they've really dragged me far to the dark side) I do want to.

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Oh come on

I think Eleven is amazingly awesome, really.
That might be because I started watching back at the beginning of the 5th series of the new one, and so I first started seeing it with him, and that's why I think he's awesome.
But I have seen episodes with other doctors, but just like Ten and Nine I just don't like as much. I still love them, of course, but Matt Smitt (Eleven) is quite a bit younger than any other doctor was, and I like that.

I've seen episodes from the original, like with the First Doctor, and not to say that they're terrible, but they're a lot more static, not as many effects, and definitely a lot less trippy than the new series.


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I thought the same! And then

I thought the same! And then I read on and realized it was intentional. :p
MacAvity you look very handsome! I like the pattern too, it's kind of Celtic knot looking. :)

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MacAvity....you look

MacAvity....you look absolutely STUNNING!!!! :D

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Why thank you! (Flattered.)

Why thank you! (Flattered.)

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I read this too fast the

I read this too fast the first time and thought it said "Why thank you! (Flat head.) And I got so confused.

But yeah :D. Looks awesome.

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You did such a good job with

You did such a good job with the sideburns - they're quite realistic. I'm glad you had a swell time!

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I like it!

Appealing... and most attractive!

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Yes, you look awesome.

I'm really jealous of this entire experience.. and the sideburns are singularly incredibly done.
I'm not a Doctor Stalker! Yay... are you proud?


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You're a Gleek, though...

You're a Gleek, though... That's worse!
(Love you anyway, of course.)

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Okay. We shall accept each other's undesirable enjoyments.

(You, too.)