Random Loss of Writer's Block?!

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I'll make a real journal tomorrow, but it's 1:30 and I just HAD to write this when the first line came surgin' through my brain. I'm not epic at poetry, but here it is. O_o.

Where did it go?

Where did we go?

Down that path of no return...

You promised we'd make it back.

You said it'd be the same.

So why am I regretting it all?

Why am I looking back and thinking of you?

It's all that occupies my brain...

Your face,

Your eyes,

The way your lips felt against mine...

We can't go back to what we had before.

When you were my best friend.

And we could talk about anything, and everything.

You'd wipe away my tears.

You could make me laugh when I was at my worst.

It's nothing now.

Meaningless words, scarred into my heart, my life.

Why are you crying?

Isn't this what you wanted?

Didn't you realize what you'd lose?

You lost the late phonecalls, for hours.

You lost the romance, the passion.

You lost me.


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Good lord!

Hahaha i just really wanted to say that from a writers p.o.v, i'm completely jealous and just like in love with this poem. it's so raw, I'm really happy that you lost your writers block because this was fantastic

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Thank you. :)

Thank you. :)