So I got suspended....

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Yes, I got suspended from school for two days for punching Leigh. Not so bad, as consequences go. I'm still glad I did it.


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Wow, this is the first journal I read after a looong absence and I'm lost :0

Now I really need to catch up...

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What did he do to set you

What did he do to set you off like that? Details, bitte!

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What they all said. Sorry,

What they all said. Sorry, we're slow.

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suspensions really aren't so bad, the worst part is the parent reaction... :P
But what did happen exactly?

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The whole Leigh business is a long story. The punch itself is buried amid a bunch of happy fluff in my last entry, the one about prom and how fantastic it was. Actually, its fantasticness might have been augmented by the punching.

But I've had my privileges revoked for two days - no going to school by order of the school, no watching television or using the computer for non-school-related purposes (not that that can be enforced too carefully, so I'll still be sneaking onto Oasis just a bit, and be back full-time on Wednesday) by order of the parents. My dad's not pleased with what I did, but those particular consequences will have to wait until the weekend, when I'll see him. My mom is kind of torn between 'Punching people is bad and could ruin your life if the punched party took it to court' and 'Leigh totally deserved it.' Funny daft old Oma doesn't even know what happened but just said, 'Good for you. You should have hit him harder!'