Sometimes when I close my eyes, this pillow smells like chicken salad.

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I am very tired, so this probably will make little sense. I am now officially allowed to be mostly nocturnal for the next 3 months of my life. Everything is amazing. Except I had to get up earlyish today, so I'm already tired at 3 a.m.

I need to talk to FCG soon, but she is, unfortunately, not nocturnal, and I am scared to bother her while she is at work, because I'm not entirely sure what she does or how busy she is. I'm afraid I may be slipping into lameness... No, we cannot have this. No lame. There is no reason to be lame; this is FCG, who hugs me and asks me to touch her hair. I still hate myself for Thursday. I'm going to keep repeating "No lame," and maybe it will become true. No lame, no lame, no lame, no lame. I am also craving cheese puffs, but my sister put her nasty hands in them, so no cheese puffs. Oh, and I have to pee really badly, but my toilet is somehow broken (hello, sister who uses my bathroom without telling me and manages to use up half a roll of toilet paper in one go) so I have to walk down the hall. Bleh.

SOOO GUESS WHO ACTUALLY PASSED CHEMISTRY DESPITE BARELY EVEN STUDYING FOR THE FINAL? I did! Me! Hell yeah! Hahaha! And I even somehow did well on the final too! I made a 90 on my final, which I was so convinced I'd fail. And before I went into the test, some of my friends stopped me in the parking lot and gave me this huge thing of candy because I threw away their trash all year at lunch. And it's all actually good candy too! Yeah, I think I'm gonna forget about losing 10 pounds. Hahaha.

So, in more frustrating news, a damn 8-year-old picked an argument with me earlier tonight. My sister has her MEGA annoying friend over for the night, and I want to beat myself in the head with a hammer. They did nothing but screech for 3 hours or so. They freakin' finally went to bed, though.

Brat Sister left her diary out in the living room, and her friend almost read it, which caused Brat Sister to squall because she had written about her "boyfriend" in there, "boyfriend" being in quotation marks because he isn't exactly aware of the fact that he's her boyfriend.

Annoying Friend: Hahaha! What if I read it anyway?
Brat Sister: NOOOOOO
Annoying Friend: Hey, Super Duck?
Me: Yeah?
Annoying Friend: Do you have a boyfriend?
Me: No.
Annoying Friend: Whyyyy?

BECAUSE I'M A MEGA SUPER ULTRA HOMO. Except I am, for some unknown reason, banned from telling my sister that I am gay, so I sure wasn't going to tell her friend.

Me: Because I don't want one.
Annoying Friend: But you will!
Me: Nope, and I can promise you that.
Annoying Friend: But all girls do!
Me: Nooo.
Annoying Friend: You have to have a boyfriend.
Me: No, I don't. Trust me on this one.
Annoying Friend: But you HAVE to!
Me: ((getting annoyed)) I don't have to do anything.
Annoying Friend: But all girls--
Me: No.
Annoying Friend: But--
Annoying Friend: But you will!

I just got up and went back to my room after that. I hate little kids in their annoying phase. My mom has finally started to take notice of my sister's extreme annoyingness, so hopefully something will be done about that soon. But unfortunately, even if my mom manages to fix her annoyingness, her friends will still suck big time.

I get extra annoyed at this subject because I get it all the freakin' time. Is there some unwritten rule that says all 16-year-old girls MUST be obsessed with guys? I mean, people can't read minds, so I don't expect them to be able to tell I'm obsessed with girls instead, but can't they just assume I'm completely disinterested or something after I say no the first 32453 times?

It just frustrates me, everybody assuming I desire cock... I guess I can sort of forgive people who don't really know me. But sometimes my own friends do it, and it's annoying. I'll be all like, "I'm gay," and they'll either laugh or ignore it. Only a few have ever actually taken it seriously. And whenever I tell FCG stories, one of my friends is even all like, "Oooh, you LOVE that girl in your French class, don't you~! You're always talking about how amazing you think she is. Am I invited to the wedding?" and then 10 minutes later will tell me I just absolutely have to watch some movie because it has "hot shirtless guys," and I'll be all like, "But this is my favorite picture in the universe," and she'll STILL somehow think I'm straight.

So, anyway, moving on from that now! Today I went to Gamestop to pick up a DS game I wanted sooooo badly for so long... and had no idea it had already been out for 2 months. :( Okamiden. The original Okami game is pretty much my favorite game of all time, so naturally I had to have the sequel. It's pretty cool so far.

Usually I'm afraid to go to that particular Gamestop, because one time about a year ago, I went in and tried to get something (can't even remember what now) and this stupid greasy-looking employee guy was all, "No, you're a girl, so you wouldn't want that," and it pissed me off. If I see him, I'll STILL leave without buying anything. But today the people were super nice. That guy wasn't anywhere in sight. Instead, there was this other guy there who actually talked to me about the game like I was a person instead of some terrible beast worthy of contempt. That was nice. Maybe I'll go back to Gamestop now. Maybe they fired Mr. Douchebagface...

Also my mother is now officially an unintentional ladies' magnet. I am jealous. FCG used to have a giant crush on her, and today my friend who's 19, married, and completely hetero said, "Super Duck, I think I'm obsessed with your mom."

Why? Just... Why?

The good news: I look just like my mom did in high school. Maybe one day girls will finally like me too.


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Teenagers are expected to be

Teenagers are expected to be hormonal and to go around crushing on people, which means that for the vast majority of teenage girls this means being boy-crazy. It sucks when you don't fit the mould.

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Yeah I guess this is pretty

Yeah I guess this is pretty true... Regardless, it's frustrating though D:

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Yeah I seriously agree...

Yeah I seriously agree... why are teenagers expected to be hermonal and to go around crushing on people... gald I never went through that phase like the rest of you little childern...

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Well I don't know... I

Well I don't know... I REALLY like girls, but I'm not like some of my peers who obsess over someone new each week. I've never been like that. I dunno.

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When I was that age I never

When I was that age I never obessed over anybody :P I just hope that I don't enter some kind of second puberty at my four year college and spend my time walking around and jacking off five times a day becuase of all the pretty shinies I see walking around... :P

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Why are you not allowed to

Why are you not allowed to tell your sister about your raging gayness? I bet it's the age, isn't it? Well, the twerp is gonna have to know some time, so why wait?

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Yeah, it's apparently "too

Yeah, it's apparently "too mature" of a topic for her. So are the facts that there are other religions in the world besides Christianity and eating McDonalds every single day will make you fat.

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Yeah, it's pretty

Yeah, it's pretty frustrating that you're not allowed to talk to your sister about certain things. I mean, I understand sheltering children from potentially damaging things like porn or violent imagery... But honestly the sooner kids know about gayness the more likely it is they'll understand and accept it. It's not like being aware that gay people exist is going to somehow traumatize her or whatever. :I

And I understand completely how frustrating the whole 'expected to talk about boys like a straight girl' thing is. Being partially asexual, when people talk about how hot some celebrities are or something, I always go "I don't have anything to contribute to this conversation" because... I don't. And they talk like I'm some kinda prude or weirdo because I honestly don't want to do sexual things with random people on TV screens? It's annoying. I imagine being expected to talk about boys that you're not interested in is similar, especially when you've explained your gayness on more than one occasion. XP

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Yeah... My sister already

Yeah... My sister already hates gay people. I think that if I were allowed to tell her about myself then maybe she wouldn't hate gay people so much.

That is EXACTLY how I feel when my straight female friends are discussing guys they find hot! They'll be all like, "OMGGG THIS GUY IS SUPER HOT," and I'll just be like, "Okay..." And I never tell them about hot girls because they obviously would not care.