Stupid Essay, as our stupid final...

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OUR FUCKING ENGLISH to write a 5 paragraph essay comparing the Book "To Kill a Student's Faith in their english teacher" to the movie form. :/ I have the first paragraph puked up already...

“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view... 'til you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.” These few words, with an indefinite amount of truth in them, are just an example of what was inside the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird”. This book, in my opinion, was thoroughly tedious, even though the message being conveyed was a very important and crucial one. After reading this novel to the final page, only skipping minimally when needed, my fellow readers and I were done with Mockingbird…only to be introduced to the movie, released in 1962. Once we took a few hours out of our school day to view it, a thought was common among us. That, taking into account all the components of the movie and novel, the novel was in fact better than the movie form. When comparing plot, characters, and setting, the original “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee was enjoyed much more than the movie.

Yeah, pretty fucking bland, huh? I just want to get this done. It's 10 at night, and I have shit to deal with.

But wait, what if he checks for ***Plagerizism*** and googles my paragraph, and this comes up? :O Oh well. :/ I'll test it in a second. But I need to get started on this...BUT WAIT

So, remember CH? Well, I'm kinda stuck back on him as my crush. He was mediating our French Pictionary game, and I just watched him the whole time...his tan complextion radiating under the flourescent lights, his smile lighting up the whole room with a metaphorical beam of happiness.'s so effing hot. :/

Algebra Deux final went iight without notes...still now done with it though...nor am I done with my homework...but whatever. I must get this effing essay done! O_o.I got to drop Sodium (like, legit, the element. Na2 (it's Diatomic!)) in water, and watch it react. It was all like *spin *spin *spin *SPIN *SPIN ***SSPPPPIIIIIINN POWPAODWOAPWODPAGPWO.Yeah, it exploded. Pretty epic. then I fell asleep in history. Mr. HistoryTeacher said I looked sick or something, so he let me sleep until the end of the period, when he woke me up to go to lunch...for a republican Conservative, he's uber nice. :3. Newspaper, we had a proofreading final. Really stupid. for Band, our final is playing at Graduation. Simple enough. :D Night all.


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Badass History Teacher

Mine would drone about politics... He too was a Republican Conservative.
They always are, unfortunately... Or that seems the way with History teachers!

That's a badass book, it gets more enjoyable the older you get, I guess? I hated it at 13, but loved it at 17. Dunno.

Science is fun when stuff 'splodes!

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perhaps someday you will appreciate the message in To Kill A Mockingbird.

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I hated...

every book I was assigned in school, and have since re-read almost all of them by choice as an adult.

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