Thanks to several, and unrelated ramblings

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First, I realized I'd like to thank several people on Oasis.

Jeff: Thank you for creating this site. I tried joining another site once, called queerattitude, and it was okay, but there were SO MANY RULES about where you had to put things. The first journal had to have a specific title and when I didn't make my title that, people went back and edited the journal. The restrictions were too much.
But this site is probably the chillest place I know, because I know that you rarely censor ever, even when cherrylover used to post pages and pages of erotica until she had the entire Latest Journal Entries all her erotic journals, with no space for anyone else. Quite annoying, I might add.
So thank you for this site, for your amazingly witty sexual humor, and your chillness. If you were like a teacher adult, I'd cry :'P

Keith: I don't know how many people know you on this site, because I know that your main role here is in PM's, but I thank you for all your kindness and sagelike wisdom.
Even when I get lazy, and don't reply, I know I could count on you if I really needed to talk about something, and I'm really grateful for that. You don't even know. I'll always try my best to reply, but thank you for all that you've already done :P

Shelby: You're the only one I actually know and see every day from this site... So mostly I'd like to thank you for being awesome, and a great friend, and I wish we had more classes together, because we really need to hang out or something.
And you could bring Blue Boy, but I just don't know how much attention you'd be getting then :P

And Matthew: Well, of course I'd like to thank you for being incredibly awesome and amazingness, and I'd definitely like to thank you for at least giving me hope that I know that somewhere, there exists incredibly, beautiful boys (and gay too, that's always good :P), even if I just don't know any quite like you yet :P
But, you give me hope, and I'd like to thank you for that :P

In no particular order :P
Anyway, please don't feel bad if I didn't thank you for something, these are just the people who have most profoundly impacted my time here on Oasis, and that doesn't mean I don't know and love all the rest of you too :P

ANYWAY, there's another video that's really cool, and don't worry, it's not like the last one.

It's so sad! There's these cute little sock puppet bunnies, and they're just hanging out, playing hide and seek where one hides (his cute ears poking out from behind a rock) and the other looks for his friend with a telescope. But while they're playing, a spaceship comes up and abducts the one behind the rock!
The other, who I'll call Bunny, freaks out and makes sure he follows where his friend, who I'll call Bunny Friend, is being taken by the spaceship.
So Bunny follows it to first one planet, where he finds a cute little alien, but then the spaceship runs away.
So he follows it to another, where he finds a not-so-cute birdman, but no spaceship, and he sees it run away.
So Bunny follows it to one last planet, and is talking to a robot, when the spaceship shows up and abducts him too.
He's sucked into the belly of the ship, where he's reunited with Bunny Friend, and they hug and get out sparklers and have a party and are all cute and happy.
But then mist seperates them, and you see Bunny, again on Earth, but this time alone, waking from a sleep, and no spaceship in sight.

That's so sad!
I can only think of a few conclusions, and none are very happy.

Was Bunny Friend just an imaginary friend, that Bunny came up with while dreaming one day?
Or was there actually a Bunny Friend that Bunny chased with all his adorable determination, only to be seperated by fortune, leaving Bunny alone with no hope of finding his best friend?

Those bunnies are so cute, I like wanna cry :P


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Then... do so!

I used to possess a very active imagination... but yours has revealed how much of mine has been lost. I'm envious...


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Awwwwwww :'D

Thank you for being so nice to me :'D <3
Cause you're awesome too!

But idk about Blueboy, he's being really period-ey about you and I was like, wtf.
But you probably won't get this until I actually SEE you, so you might just know what I'm talking about when you read this, so I won't explain :P
Amazingly offensive <3

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You're welcome...

I actually don't think I ever censored anything on here. I think once someone said "Jeff doesn't even have the balls to delete this journal," so I did, but otherwise, I don't think so.

But yeah, that was always the point of the site, get people together, get them writing, with no separation of genders/sexualities/etc. Glad people like you and everyone else here have found a place to be yourself and unwind.

It is slightly strange now that I've been running the site since before some people here were born.

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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it was started in 1995, it's older than I am :P

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Oasis as its own site started in December 1995. But the interviews I started writing kicked in a few months earlier on another youth site that I ended up abandoning right when Oasis was ready to launch.

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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Woah, do you know what day?

Cause I was born on the 28th :P And that would be creepy if it was the same day or something.
Amazingly offensive <3

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December 1

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain