That sidebar...

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That info on the right...

It's been "dragging" all day for me! Anyone else experiencing extremely long load times?

Not just my iMac... My Macbook also is just as sluggish loading that info :(


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No trouble here,

my Windows 7 machine loaded it. What is your means of internet access? If you have a wireless conection, there is either significant cloud cover or the signal tower is going through some maintenance. Maybe search internet problems.

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I wish you would post

I wish you would post journals more often...

Anyway, is there an option on your computer to diagnose your connection problems? I hope you don't have a virus of some sort...

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try using google chrome

try using google chrome instead of internet explorer?

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Thanks for your suggestions!

Indeed... my problem is somehow related to Safari and this site.

I had assumed (now seen to be a mistaken assumption) that since my MacbookAir was similarly sluggish, it had to be a site problem.

Anyway, I'm now using Firefox and the sidebar loads instantly!