Then, and Now

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When I had first discovered the possibility that I might not be 100% straight I was frightened. In time I became angry, frustrated, and depressed. I would have given many things to have someone similar to me in my everyday life to talk to.

Within the last hour I've had one friend share with me that her sister had just told her two days ago that she is bisexual. It is a big deal to her. She is happy for her sister, but still adjusting to the change herself. She asked me to share my story, specifically when I had told my brothers and parents and what their responses were.

One girl though, who I share a older sister-like relationship with, had just told me that she was confused about her own sexuality just a few days ago. We had just finished our lunch, I dropped her off, and an hour later she texted me coming out. We have chatted a bit over Facebook. I am the first person that she has told, and she says she still has trouble saying the words out loud to herself. She is in the very fresh, first stages of confronting this new element in her life, and to be honest, I worry for her. Many of the thoughts that she was communicated with me are similar to what i used to think like back in high school. I don't want her to feel the way I did back then.

The last two weeks have been very busy for me. I literally have to write everything I need to get done and all the time slots I have to go out to ensure I don't overlap or miss anything. These last few days I've had zero free time, and tomorrow is no exception. However, for her, I feel so obligated to be there for her. We're meeting tomorrow for coffee and hugs. I was planning on packing during this time (I'm going away for about two months, leaving 7am Thursday morn), but I just need to talk to her and make sure she is ok before I go.

Just as I was scared back then, she is scared now. But this time, not alone. Back then, I felt all alone. Now, I can be that helping hand =)


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Always good when you can do things like that...

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain