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Went to FCG's graduation. A nice girl from my history class saved me a seat; she had to be there early for her sister. It was me and her and IG and another girl from my French class. Even though we were 45 minutes early, it was STILL crowded and a gigantic clusterfuck! The girl from history class said that the three of us were allowed to go find FCG and see her if we wanted to, so we set out on an epic quest to find her!

Our quest was made easy for us when we spotted her walking down the hall to go finish putting makeup on in the bathroom.

Us: FCG!
FCG: Yay, it's my French class people!

She hugged us. I was admittedly a little jealous that IG was first, but then I was second, so it was okay, because who can feel bad when you're hugging someone super amazing? FCG hugs are the best ever. <3 (And besides, like little kids always say, first is the worst and second is the best!)

Then we took some pictures with her. They were all taken with a camera phone, so they aren't so high-quality. They're on facebook now. I didn't know which phone to look at because both IG and the other girl were taking pictures... Hahaha! FCG is cute, though. And it's actually not so bad, the more I look at it. I am SO much shorter than her, oh my god. If you saw the picture you would laugh. The worst part is how I'll never get any taller than this! I'm 5'3". I can just barely reach the top shelves of the kitchen cabinets on my tiptoes! Although I guess being short was pretty cool that one time...

FCG refused to wear her little hat thing for pictures because it messed up her hair. Of course, FCG and her hair. Haha. She got a haircut, speaking of hair. It's not that big of a change, but it's a couple of inches shorter. But because she's FCG, she was drawing lots of attention to it, because it's her hair.

FCG's dad appeared too. He came up to her while we were taking pictures. He was new to me; I didn't see him at the play when I met her mom and grandparents. Guess what? He has NO HAIR! Normally, this wouldn't surprise me. I mean, many middle-aged men are bald or at least getting there. But this guy has no hair and is the father of FCG, Queen of Hair-touching. I find this slightly ironic. She was offended that he didn't notice her haircut. After he left, she said it was probably because "he hadn't had hair in years and was jealous!" Hahaha.

Then we went back to our seats after that. I was just kinda looking around at the super crowded room, and of all people, I ended up spotting the last girl I liked. I think she was there for her ex-boyfriend-who-is-still-possibly-her-boyfriend. I didn't have to talk to her or anything, but it made me think. It was incentive, incentive to never, ever be lame again. In 8th grade, she was one of my best friends. She was cute and accepting and full of strange humor and random, useless facts. I adored her almost as much as I adore FCG now. But tonight she was nothing more than some gorgeous stranger, all because I was too lame to call/text her often after she moved away. This cannot happen with FCG. NO MORE LAME, EVER. Of course, that is, unfortunately, MUCH easier said than done.

The actual thing started after that. It was really a lot shorter than I'd expected. My school is super small, so there weren't too many seniors, but this random guy who graduated like, 30 years ago, gave this speech that went on and on and on and onnnnn. After he was done, though, the rest of the thing barely took any time at all.

So, FCG is like, gone now. Well, she was gone last Wednesday, but now it's like, official or something. This is so weird to think about. It's even weirder to think about how I only met her a little less than 2 years ago. It seems like so much longer than that. It's also weird to think about how the first time I saw her, I didn't think she was gonna be anyone special to me. And now I love that girl.

Anyway yeah I just fell asleep 3 times so I'm gonna stop typing now.


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and third is the one with the hairy chest!

Glad you weren't third, eh?

Anyways, I have to get up on my counter to reach the top shelf. It sucks. It's either that, or get a stool. Um, NO WAY I'm grabbing something to stand on when I can just climb!

I'm glad the stuff went okay XP Still shoulda got her flowers, though!
Amazingly offensive <3

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I had to do that until a few

I had to do that until a few years ago! I'm NEVER having a top shelf in my house when I get older. Just no.

Actually, it would've been weird if I brought flowers because no one else brought flowers for anyone or anything like that.

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No one brought flowers?

No one brought flowers? Lame. Here, you're practically required to bring flowers :P

Btw I couldn't find the pic. And chur sister looks...bratty.

You're so beautiful, you made me forget my pick up line. ;)

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YES, my sister is a huge

YES, my sister is a huge brat. This morning she cried because she didn't like the pocket on her shirt. :|

You can't find it? I guess the chick who uploaded it has her photos on private. But I don't think you're a creeper or anything, so I don't mind showing it to you as long as you don't laugh at the fact that I'm not looking at the camera! Haha.

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If you're tagged in those

If you're tagged in those photos I'm so fb stalking the photos.
*hug* just text her at random times. Like, if something funny happens you tell her about and move to basic questions. Then slowly you keep texting her more and more. And voila! You'll be texting everyday! X)

You're so beautiful, you made me forget my pick up line. ;)

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I'm tagged in one of them.

I'm tagged in one of them. There was a second one of me and her, but I was laughing in it because my friends had no idea how to take a picture using my phone. So that one's not on facebook. It is, however, the wallpaper-background thing on my phone because it's slightly hilarious. Hahaha. Don't laugh at my face in the picture, I think I was looking at the other phone!

Yes. I really need to not be lame... I'm hoping to eventually work up the non-lameness to call her, though.

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Don't feel bad about your

Don't feel bad about your height. I'm 5'3'' too and all my friends make fun of me. But short people are adorable, so we WIN. My friend Amber is 4'10'' and she's sooo cuuutteee!

Don't be lame, Super Duck! Keep in contact with FCG and never let her go! :P

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Most of my friends aren't

Most of my friends aren't too terribly much taller than me. Of course my male friends tower over me, but most of my female friends are between 5'0" and 5'6", which would put me right in the middle. But then there's FCG, who is 5'9", and I have another friend who's near that too. I feel so short around them!

I have a friend from chemistry class who's around 4'10". She is so tiny! And she makes me feel non-short, which is always a good thing.


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I'm 5'6"... Average!

You had better make sure to keep in touch with her! I know I got superdepressed when I graduated and all my still-in-highschool friends lost touch with me.
Oh how I wish I had texted them!

But your friend sounds badass, lol.
I hate when people touch my hair though...

Also, the irony with the bald dad, made me laugh! That's the best thing ever!

~The Sweet Escape is Always Laced with the Familiar Taste of Poison~

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I have to! The idea of life

I have to! The idea of life without any FCG at all makes me super sad. :'(

FCG is super badass. <3 Hair-touching is kind of her favorite thing in the universe. If it were a sport, she'd be an Olympic gold medalist. I thought it was SOOO weird when I first met her. She asks every girl (and ONLY girls) she meets to touch her hair at some point. And almost every girl says yes too; I guess it's hard to resist someone super adorable looking at you with pretty blue eyes and asking, "Pleeeeease will you touch my hair?" When I first met her, I used to say no every time until a few months ago when I eventually just had to see what all the fuss was about. I found that her hair was completely perfect to the touch, and it all made sense. Hahaha.

Haha, I know! She doesn't look a thing like her dad! He's bald and short. She looks a lot like her mom instead, though she's way taller than both of them. She and her mom have the same hair and the same mouth, but I can't think of any similarities between her and her dad.