Unexpected Awesomeness

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Sometime within the last week or two, I gave an interview for the school newspaper, about my skull collection. It was published yesterday, and I got a few comments on it today. Mr Anatomy Teacher was particularly impressed, and went to another classroom (or maybe some secret store-room of random school stuff, I don't know) and came back with a beauty of a skull that for a moment I thought might be a bear but then decided it was probably a sea lion and definitely not a bear. He said he was going to use it to show us the three regions of the pharynx: the nasopharynx, the oropharynx, and the laryngopharynx. But several people had read the interview everyone saw how excited I was just looking at the thing, so Mr Anatomy Teacher pointed me out as the resident skull expert, suggested that I might identify it, and let me hold it while he took care of some people who needed to make up a test. So when he was done with that I went to ask whether my identification of 'sea lion' was correct (it was)...

...And he told me to keep it.

I didn't even believe him at first - How could he have the ability to just take a spare skull from the school and give it to a student? How could someone just give away such a thing and not want to keep it? But he assured me at last that he was not joking.

I wish it were easier for me to get photos onto this computer, because I would put up a photo of it right now - as it is, I'll get one eventually. I do have photos of my other skulls ready to show you lot; I have to do that at some point, I've just been looking for an appropriate serial title, like Lonewolf has 'Something of Interest # Whatever,' because I'd want to share them serially.

So now I unexpectedly have this beautiful sea lion skull. Seriously, it's completely unfair that my life is so fantastic and yours are mostly notsomuch. I wish I could share the amazingness around.


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That is SO cool!

Lucky you :D I've always liked the way bones look, but my parents would think I'm morbid if I collected them like you :P
Amazingly offensive <3

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It took me too long to notice this journal!

Seriously, that's fantastic.


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And now I have a photo of

And now I have a photo of it!

And now I really need a good serial title so I can start showing the others to you.