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I've gotten a tumblr. If you have one too, follow my delightfully lame blog please! I am hopelessly addicted to tumblr and was up until 4:30 a.m. browsing it. I mean, there are blogs of Nintendo shit and kittens and .gifs and hot girls and terrible art and and and... AMAZING SHIT!

Oh god I am so tired of people right now. My sister has reached an unparalleled level of brattiness, and I am officially not allowing anyone to ever stay at my house for too long ever again.

So, yeah, a friend stayed over for 3 days and 2 nights. It was during that time that I realized that I can't put up with people for that long. But that's not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about how horribly my brat sister acted.

She didn't leave us the fuck alone for more than 5 minutes the ENTIRE DAMN TIME. And not only was she in the way, she was rude and constantly talked about bodily functions. Holy shit. And she wouldn't stop punching us and pulling hair and refusing to go away.

I think next time she has a friend over, I'm gonna do the exact same thing to her.

Oh, and it's a different friend's birthday in about two weeks. Her mom messaged me on facebook and asked me to help plan her surprise party, which just so happens to be at this awesome buffet place. I mentioned this to my mom in front of my sister, who immediately began crying and screaming that she was "depressed" because she can't go eat at the buffet too.

In other news, I miss FCG, but what else is new? I just talked to her on Tuesday, what is this lameness? She said we would talk "often" but that hasn't happened yet. But that has only been a few days ago; she's been busy at work and stuff.

Also, I have just realized that my local Gamestop has stopped selling used Gameboy/Gameboy Color games, and that has crushed me. BUT THEN I FOUND THIS. EEEEEEEEEEEEE! ALSO, THIS. I love video games too much.


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i followed you. my url is

i followed you.
my url is the plural of alcohol in french.

"Also, I have just realized that my local Gamestop has stopped selling used Gameboy/Gameboy Color games"


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Followed you back! I KNOW

Followed you back!

I KNOW :( It made me so sad. Now the oldest used games they have are GBA, and I don't even consider GBA "old"

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I followed you too. :D Haha

I followed you too. :D

Haha this is weird. I'm following three Oasis people on my Tumblr now.. Which my IRL friends know about. It's a weird mixing of worlds I guess.

Sorry about your sister by the way, I have a friend with a little brother kinda like that. He was a complete ass to me when I visited. What's worse is that he's like, 15. XP

I ended up daydreaming about putting all of his xBox games in the wrong cases and other subtle yet obnoxious things like that. I didn't do it... But it was fun to think about.

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:D Yay! I followed you

:D Yay! I followed you back.

Yeah, it's like that on my facebook. It's like all of my worlds come together!

Wow, he was like 15? He definitely should've known better. DX At least my brat sister is only 8...

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I know. :D Yeah, usually I

I know. :D

Yeah, usually I don't like worlds mixing but it seems to work alright on Tumblr. XD;

Yeah I know. I mean, to be fair, I picked on him when I was like, 12. But I got over that years ago. I was trying to be amicable and to like him but he was making it ridiculously difficult. Playing obnoxious music in the room I was sleeping in before I woke up and things like that. XP

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What's your URL? I'll follow

What's your URL? I'll follow you. :)

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congratulations, you've now

congratulations, you've now given me another excuse to spend all my time on tumblr and less time doing actual omework. Much appriciated. :) I just followed you!

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Hahaha! You're welcome :p

Hahaha! You're welcome :p