Warning... be prepared to hate....me

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Yeah I know... I am kind of getting sick of shit like what certian people post... I am starting to realize the more that I stay here that all gays are whores and really being appart of this commuity is just not for be... Form what I can see dispite the fact that I can't change being gay... there is one thing that I indeed can change, and that is the fact that I ever hang around homosexuals anymore if I can help it...

You guys have taken away my number one goal in life, and the thing that I wanted the most out of everything... and that was to find of mate. Yet because of your behavior I am quite sure that finding a managomus relationship is impossiable.... so I have decided to pretend not to be gay and be with women instead... even if I care nothing for them I will pretend, aand at least this way I will be able to have a normal relationship that is managamous and I will never have to worry about being cheated on... I am sorry, but that is just what being around everyone at Oasis has taught me...


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You make me LOL. Almost

You make me LOL. Almost everytime you post something like this. ^_^

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I'm a very open minded person (in my opinion), but this guy cannot be real. I've never seen someone like this, I have no idea how to address any of what he wrote. I'm done with this.

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lolololol we're being persecuted for our sexuality

;) <3
Amazingly offensive <3

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Oh you!