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Confuzed as all hell. And I crashed my bike on my way home from swimming today, and my elbow's like all gauzed up and bleeding so I can't use my left arm very well :P
But that's okay, I'm right handed. The much bigger issue is that I injured my masturbating hand :P
But I guess I'm all right.

I'll be back Monday evening probably. See ya!


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so I guess you wont be masturbating for a while huh ;)

may the crests of light,love,hope,courage,and kindness shine brightly on a new day.

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Bad guess...

...I'd guess :)

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But... a perfect opportunity!

You've always wondered if you could do it strictly mentally --- no hands!

Friendly warning: When you 'just know' that nirvana has been lying tantalizingly --- and seemingly interminably --- 'just around the corner', you may find that your patience proves maddeningly inadequate! :)

But think of the boasting rights that that merit badge could give you title to!


Yeah... bummer! Did your bike survive better than you?