Went to my First Barnes and Nobel. O_O

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And the first book I spot on a shelf is "It Gets Better", the one by Dan Savage...yeah, I move straight towards it, but Mom's voice brings me back to reality, and I move around the isle, to where the Teen section is. I pick up and purchase "I am number 4", because I heard it was epicness, but I keep thinking about "It Gets Better" because I heard AWESOME things about it, so while mom and dad were glancing at Magazines, I pick it up, snatch a book off the teen section shelf (which ended up being House of Night, my favorite novel ever) and I sit in this cozy chair in the Starbucks they had. I read It Gets Better while it appeared as if I was reading HoN. Only about 5 minutes later, though, Mom made us leave, so I had to sneak past the first shelf and slip the book onto the shelf unnocitably. then, This chick I passed was talking to her mom...
Mom- Look, ____, it's To Kill A Mockingbird!"
chick- You know I hate that book, it's the worst ever...
Mom- *laugh*
Me- *looks at her* I couldn't agree more. It sucks. *walks away as they both Rofl.*

So yeah, why are bookstore people always nice? :O So yeah, that was my day. Ate at Cracker Barrel, where the mashed potatoes were LITERALLY, mashed potatoes. It still had the skins. Uh, ew. But I liked the Dumplings and Mac n' Cheese. :D

School's out Tuesday
No school Monday.
Had Saturday School today.


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where the mashed potatoes

where the mashed potatoes were LITERALLY, mashed potatoes. It still had the skins.

what the actual fuck, you guys have the weirdest stuff in the US

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The skin is for the nutritionally conscious!

Practically all of the nutritional value of the (white) potato is located on the layer lying just below the skin. In most instances, peeling the potato discards a major portion of its nutritional value!

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If you get the chance..

Get that dan savage book. Its amazing! You really need to read the whole thing.

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win." -M. Gandhi

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Once again,

Maybe if you read the book instead of sleeping through most of it, you would be able to appreciate it. But maybe it's true what the elders say, "Kids suck".

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I got through the first half

I got through the first half of the book without making an attempt to sleep through it. It has an EXCELLENT messgage, but the way it's presented, it's just so long and drawn out. That book could be 2/3 the size it is now if they take out unnecessary parts. >.>

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Storytelling is an art form after all. What better way is there to "get into" a book without all the details?

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It is quite ture... without

It is quite ture... without good details to set the scence and give me a picture in my mind, then a book is completely worthless. I think this is just another situtation of kids these days being silly... and wanting instant gratifacation :P

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I enjoy a good book. I'm not

I enjoy a good book. I'm not one who throws it away when I see the publication date is in the early 1900s or 1800s. Or even before then. I love A Midsummer Night's Dream, and Hamlet, and even True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle. When I say that I despise To Kill a Mockingbird, my reasoning is stable. I rarely despise a book.

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Again... still the whole 'to

Again... still the whole 'to much detail thing'... just seems silly, but whatever floats your boat :D At least you hopefully won't have to read it anymore, and that will be the last you see of that book :P

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What the hell? You've never

What the hell? You've never been to a Barnes and Noble before OR had mashed potatoes with the skins?

The skins are like, the best part man. I used to peel them off when I made mashed potatoes... And then I came to my senses and realized that the skins were tasty (I was eating them anyway. Haha.) so I stopped wasting my time and started leaving them on.

And for the record, all of my friends love it when I make mashed potatoes with the skins still on, even the picky ones. :P

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Just a thought...

Shouldn't the "It Get's Better" book be in the teen section as well?

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It was on a "Bestseller"

It was on a "Bestseller" rack. O_o

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I'm more of a Borders lady, myself.
And yes, that was partially a self-directed Mexican joke :P

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