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So for my film-making final project I made a short film loosely based on one of my old journal entries (if you've been following my journals for like a year you might remember that I mentioned I wanted to do that eventually).

Apparently, my film was chosen for a screening at a local film festival this Sunday! It's kind of a big deal, actually... so that's exciting. I don't even know if I'll be able to go and see that.. What's funny is that I didn't even SUBMIT it to show, I think my teacher submitted it because she really liked it.

I don't have the video file, but this week if I have time I will go grab it from the school computers and link it for you guys. (-:


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Yay! Congratulations!

I'm genuinely happy for you.
You'd BETTER give us that link.

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that's fanastic! so proud of

that's fanastic! so proud of you

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It's actually sort-of

It's actually sort-of mediocre in my opinion... But everyone seems to like it. :p

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omg dude congrats, that's

omg dude congrats, that's freakin awesome.

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oh congratulations cant wait to see it :D

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Just gonna repeat what everyone else said.

Congratulations, dude. I will be anxiously anticipating your video :)

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ahah i didn't even go to the

ahah i didn't even go to the screening :p