You Are Not Your Shoes

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Mrs. History Teacher is buying us whatever snacks we want to eat during the break we get during the AP Exam. DOES NOT COMPUTE. But it's still good. I am surprised, though. She tells us regularly that she hates us and that we're stupid and useless, but she is willing to buy everyone (yes, even me) the snack they want. I don't understand. Is this her way of apologizing or something?

Hey, do you guys have mosquitoes where you live? They're really bad here, and it seems that an entire legion of them have attacked me. Only one of the bites is easy to scratch. This is not fun. I don't even know how some of them managed to quite literally bite my ass. I have not been outside sans clothing. Hahaha.

I need to study my math, but I can't focus. I sort of know it, I guess. I actually listened in class today. I'll look at it later. But I don't feel like getting up to go get it. It seems almost like if I stop sitting here typing this and listening to music and being all, "OH NO TUESDAY NIGHT" and actually do what I need to do, tomorrow will come faster. And I don't want that. I want to prolong this Tuesday as much as possible, even though it was a little bit of a crappy, boring Tuesday. But hey, I'll take it. I'll take any crappy, boring Tuesday over this dreadful, impending Wednesday.

I don't know what I'll be like tomorrow. The class in which we work on the newspaper is my last class of the day, directly after French. Wednesdays are our free days, so I hope I get to go home, even though the teacher has been mean this week... If I become upset at school, it will probably be then. Or in chemistry, the class before French, since I'm already upset in chemistry every day because I hate my teacher so much. Hmm. Sorry, I'm just thinking out loud. I just really don't want anyone to see me upset tomorrow if I become upset at school. I don't know what I'd say if they asked me what was wrong.

FCG got her 90, so she doesn't have to take the test. She is so happy. It makes me happy to see her happy... But tomorrow is still Wednesday no matter what. IG may not come to school tomorrow, so there may not be any annoying attention-stealing on my last day with FCG, which is good. FCG was showing British Girl and me some pictures today, and we were standing beside her desk, so I reached over and started to touch FCG's hair. I love it. As I stood there stroking her hair and looking at the pictures, I didn't feel upset, even when I thought about tomorrow. I guess I just can't feel bad when I'm with her.

In other news, my cat has finally decided to come out of hiding. He was scared of my mom's boyfriend, who went back home today, so he hid for like, 3 days. Poor kitty. He's not very social, so new people scare him. My mom's boyfriend seems like a nice guy, so I don't think he hurt the kitty or anything. I think the kitty just doesn't like my mom's boyfriend's loud guitar.

I want to draw something really, really good, but my skills have been lacking lately. Artistically, I've come a long way in the past 2 years, but I really regret how I only drew the same thing (kitties, puppies, etc.) over and over for many years, because now I can't draw much else. Well, I can, actually, it just takes a super long-ass time. I'm not really feeling inspired. I just want to draw something, but I don't know what. I don't think I'll draw anything tonight, though. I need to at least attempt sleep.


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FCG can help you put some lotion on your bites...

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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Haha, I don't think she'd

Haha, I don't think she'd want to. They look pretty gross D:

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Mmmm, I agree with Jeff.

And maybe she'll add some more to them ;D

And yeah, we get alot of mosquitos cause it's really rainy and wet here- However, it's also cold. So for like, the few summery weeks in our summer, they're pretty bad at like 6-9, and then they go away XD
Amazingly offensive <3

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At least your mosquitoes go

At least your mosquitoes go away! Ours don't until like, November. D:

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No mosquitoes here yet.

It's really nice, I went camping last week and didn't get a single bug bite. :D

But they will come sooner or later. They always do.

Anyway, you're not gonna read this until you get back but I'm wishing you luck anyway!


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Mosquitoes always find me,

Mosquitoes always find me, the second winter is over. EVERY time I go outside, they attack me. I'm surprised that I haven't contracted malaria yet.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you tomorrow. Good luck, dude.