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This is a more personal response to chenvictor's journal (and especially the comments following) - I wanted to keep it separate from the intellectual debate.

First, a quick recap of the Quebec school system. We have 5 years of high school, 2 years of CEGEP, and then 3 years to a bachelor's degree due to equivalencies, and from there the sky is the limit as far as degrees are concerned.

I'm currently in a Media Arts program - I study art history, photography and cinematography. I cannot, however, take math or science courses in my program. If I do, they have no "real" credit when I leave CEGEP. They show up on my transcript but have no grade associated. (yes, this is completely stupid)

Essentially, this closes a lot of doors for me. I can't directly pursue a degree in business as most of my classmates can. My only real options are to swap programs (and add another year...), take night classes somewhere else (8 courses + a job do not allow me to do this without huge sacrifices as far as my personal life goes), take catch-up in university (most likely option) or pursue a career in the arts.

So I'm stuck between the last two. And while I would honestly love to spend my life making art, I really don't think I have the potential to make a successful career from it. I mean, my work is above par compared to most of the others in my program (the majority only being in it because they're lazy), but my potential as a "real" artist is quite limited. On the other hand, I'd be able to live comfortably if I worked in another field.

While the disillusionment as far as my own ability is the real bitch, the choice I made a year ago will now force me to take extra time to be able to study in another field.

So, I wish I hadn't been given the option of dropping everything, because it was a foolish mistake and one I will have to pay for.


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Yay i now sort of know how the American education system works. I was always getting confused with it all and never really knew what everybody was talking about. We have the same 5 years in high school but instead of CEGEP , .you can go to Sixth form (which is me) for 2 years were you stay at your own school and do A Levels. Or you can go to Collage for 2 years and study more open courses and do A levels. Then after thats done you can go to Uni or take a gap year to travel and save money for Uni the next year.

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This isn't american, it's

This isn't american, it's specific to Quebec. The rest of Canada and the US have elementary, middle school, then high school. (:

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sorry being stupid oh well i just always get confused how it works. The thing that only is much different is that we don't have middle school

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Pursue what you love. My mom

Pursue what you love. My mom became a nurse just because it made a lot of money, and she hates every minute of it. She comes home crying because it's stressful. She says her dream was to work in advertising, and she would sacrifice anything to be there in her life right now. :D
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Thanks! It's just hard, to


It's just hard, to be in a position where the decisions I make now determine what I will do with the remainder of my life...

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As long as I'm not dying or in danger of dying from lack of money I think I'll be okay...
I'd much rather do something that I love.


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Same here... but loving

Same here... but loving something doesn't mean that you're the best at it. :(

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One of the hard things I'm facing in life is just to go with the flow!!.. Nothing will always be perfect.. but just keep searching for what makes you happy and you'll do fine in life!