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So I was just checking in for a few days, I was in Spokane for a swim meet (on the other side of the state).
And so I have just a few things to say.

Thank God for speedos. Some fantastic eye candy recently, oh my.

School's over, hooray, I'm really tired and shizz, so it's nice to not have to get up early... Or wait, scratch that. During summer swim, I have swimming at 8 AM on Monday and Friday, and 7 AM Tuesday-Thursday.

Sometimes I think, adults are always saying teenagers are all hormonal and angsty and rebellious, and why can't they behave? When it seems to me a lot that a lot of teens that I know are a lot more levelheaded and reasonable than a lot of adults, the only thing is that the adults are in the authority position, and so therefore they seem reasonable because they have the power to command teenagers, so whatever they say is immediately "right".
Of course, I'm not qualified to make this judgement, considering I'm one of those hormonal, angsty, and rebellious teens.


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lol. @ eyecandy...

Only reason to go to swim meets, really. A bunch of girls I knew in high school used to all the time. 8). I don't even know if I got that emoticon right. lol.

as for early morning practices, I wish I still had the energy to do that shit. maybe once I start biking to work 30 miles a day, I will get in better shape. but IDK. lol.

btw, totally agree on the adults v. kids thing....but society doesn't see it that way. oh wellz.

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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You were missed...

But... Welcome back!

Skin-tight speedos --- eye candy --- pleasant fantasies --- knowing glances...

Finding yourself in such a stimulating surrounding surely must oblige your exercising unusual self-control to avoid accidentally displaying a hormonally-inspired autonomic response!


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I think...

Some adults act like that so they can convince themselves they've improved.

As appealing as the swimsuits are, I would probably find it a little awkward. I mean, it's hard enough for me to not notice if my straight friends are attractive or not if they're fully clothed. Swim meets are fun, though, because you're actually expected to watch the nearly-naked guys.

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Welcome back, yadda yadda.

Agreeing with the Adults vs. Teens thing also.