Cattle! Asses!

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I immediately have a complete dislike for many people.
We were watching a creepy movie today in orchestra, I won't go too far into it, but one of the things it mentioned was how Beethoven went deaf then composed his Seventh Symphony.

And so I went on Beethoven's wikipedia page, and found an awesome piece called the "Große Fuge".
And I have a large distrust of classical and romantic composers because after seeing Johann Sebastian Bach's "Brandenburg No. 3" the most ghastly example of sphincter-clenching pretentiousness I've ever seen in my life, I just kinda gained a half-expectation that all classical and romantic composers are massive cocks that write pretentious music.
And I don't think they are, now, even barfing Johann Sebastian Bach, I hope that Brandenburg concerto was just a hiccup of sphincter-clenching pretentiousness.

But anyway, look at this:

And yet, at the time, people hated it, and called it "repellent" and other shit to which Beethoven responded "Cattle! Asses!" Which I agree with, although I would tend to use to words "Fuckwad!" "Dick Pickle!" and "Cunt Biscuit!".
Because if you don't like it, obviously you have some pretentious idea about sobby-beautiful-consonant pieces like GODDAMN Brandenburg No. 3.
So, therefore Beethoven is my new favorite composer ever.
Plus the fact that he composed THAT shizz while deaf makes me want to kiss the guys toes.


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I actually liked that movie, to be honest

I cried and T-rex got all over me ;D
But I loved how when he was gonna kiss the girl at the busstop and everyone was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO XD

Anyways, yeah, Beethoven is a beast :P
That's redick!

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That video...

It looks like Guitar Hero.

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Beethoven... Yes!

Try this: My first attempt at posting a YouTube clip.

But how can anyone resist such music... played by a young Korean... meeting your bf requirements!

The entire work covers 3 YouTube clips. Click "Up Next" at the end of each clip.

And... it does get better!

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Not Beethoven... but even stranger

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Well... I guess one's obliged to give it a label...

But music doesn't even qualify as an entry.

Also... there's nothing here for swimmerguy to fantasize over after he places the chair against his bedroom door tonight.

At least, I hope not!

But thanks for the... OMG, I'm stumped :)