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I accidentally texted FCG and now I am nervous. :( I am such a loser. I was just typing a message and I wasn't entirely sure if I was gonna send it or not, and I did, and now oh god. WHY do the smallest things freak me out? I should still be raging over that rude guy in the store today. He told me I shouldn't eat "fattening ice cream" when my grandma offered to bring me some, and then he yelled at me for DOING MY FREAKIN' JOB. (Our cash register system is actually a program on the computer, and apparently if I'm touching the computer I'm "playing around," even if I'm, you know, scanning stuff. Also, he doesn't even work there, so what the hell?) I was so mad. My grandpa actually eventually asked him to stop, though, so that was good. And yes, I ate my fucking ice cream.

YAY, FCG REPLIED! I am telling her about the creepy old guys at my job now. Yayyy. Oh shit, now my nervousness has been replaced by EXTREME HUNGER. Also my throat is strangely dry all of a sudden. Hmm. She keeps taking so long to reply. I hope I'm not interrupting something important. D: She asked where my grandpa's store is a while ago and hasn't said anything else since. I feel way better because I at least tried, though. She seemed kinda sad. I hope she's okay. I wish I could reach into the phone and just give her a big hug! My mom just texted me and I thought/hoped it was FCG. :(

I feel kinda bad about how I feel jealous of some of FCG's other friends sometimes. Like, there's this one girl that keeps posting on her facebook over and over, and I just feel... jealous. I dunno. Actually, it's mostly just that one girl and the frequency with which she posts.

In other news, I had so much trouble sleeping last night. On my way to bed, I heard the scariest fucking noise EVER. It sounded like an angry cat was getting violently killed or something, and it was right outside my house. I didn't fall asleep for an hour. I didn't find any mangled kitty corpses outside my house this morning, though.

Also, I am sad because I lost my Pokemon Gold version. I was in the mood for some delicious nerdiness.


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I fucking love pokemon, but

I fucking love pokemon, but I feel as though they went too far with Black and White. We don't need another generation. They're just appeasing the newbies.

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I'm so happy, I found my

I'm so happy, I found my Gold version! I forgot that I had put it away when my best friend came over recently since I am a closet Pokenerd. :P

I liked B/W as far as the storyline and a few of the new Pokemon, but I still don't know like half of them...

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Psh, it took me at least a

Psh, it took me at least a month to learn Sinnoh ( Er, right spelling?) reigon. Not worth it to learn B&W.

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I wish they'd've just

I wish they'd've just stopped with (max) third gen. When the fourth came out I really had to learn to like it but B&W is just ridiculous.

Ah, the original 151... I remember when Pokemon was new (gosh darn I'm old) and I watched the TV show and got the cards and all.

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The saddest part of it all

The saddest part of it all is that no matter how ridiculous the game gets, I will still always buy them and always be excited for their release. Hahahaha. I'm kind of hoping they'll stop before they hit 1000 Pokemon, though.

I remember when I first got into it too! I was really little... Maybe 5 or so? I want to say it was about 11-12 years ago when I got into it, so that sounds about right. I got Pokemon Red and a blue Gameboy Color for Christmas from my grandma. And then Gold/Silver came out the next year. And I didn't have to be a closet Pokenerd because EVERYONE loved Pokemon. I still have all my first season VHS tapes. I also remember going to see the older Pokemon movies in theaters.

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Ah, post-texting anxiety

Ah, post-texting anxiety disorder. Then the panicking and checking of the phone and freaking out the instant you receive a message and wondering if it's from her- strikes us all.

Weird noises- last night, I heard something that sounded like it could've been firecrackers, or gunfire, and obviously my mind raced to the latter. Immediately I slammed my window shut and closed the curtains and thought "omg what if I somehow end up being some sort of witness and end up being shot?!" and all sorts of irrational thoughts. For some reason, this only happens during night times.

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Yes! That is exactly what it

Yes! That is exactly what it was! D:

I know, right? I hate how weird noises only seem to happen during the night... A few nights ago I heard this weird scratching at, like, 3 in the morning.

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"She keeps taking so long to

"She keeps taking so long to reply. "

I do this to people all the time... I just don't carry my phone with me. /:
But I HATE when you're really waiting for a reply and the person doesn't answer... :(

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Haha, I'm guilty too,

Haha, I'm guilty too, actually, which is why I shouldn't be complaining! If I leave my phone in another room I won't go get it for hours, and there is always inevitably a message from like, 3 hours before and the person is all mad now.

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oooh i know that sound of

oooh i know that sound of tortured dying kitten! i bet it was a fox.

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Oh there was a fox family

Oh there was a fox family around here last year! It could totally have been one.

whateversexual_llama's picture cat used to get into cat used to get into shouting matches with a local fox.