discrimination in the work place

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I have been feeling pretty down lately... Everyone at my work knows that I am transgender and that my preferred name is Jay. I asked my manager today if I could change my name tag to Jay instead of my birth name. And immediately she said "Absolutely not" and when I asked why she said "It isn't your legal name". When I brought up the argument that other people have their preferred name as their name tag for example Nate instead of Kenneth, Jo instead of Josaphine, and Matt instead of Matthew. They said "Talk to the owner about it". This is the first time I have ever been discriminated against. After my manager told me that she purposefully called me by my birth name for the rest of the day.

I have never had this happen before or anything remotely close to it. My birth name is way too feminine of a name for anyone to think I am a guy when I am at work. It hurts so much that I cannot fully be myself 100% at work because the management refuses to let me be myself. They are forcing me to live as a girl while I work. It isn't right. I don't know what to do about it because there are no laws protecting people in Wisconsin from being discriminated against based off their gender identity.


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I growl at the management on

I growl at the management on your behalf.

grrrrrrr. grrrrrrrr. grrrrrrrrr. grrrrrrrrr.

I'm so sorry you have to work with these people/this person.

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Well you could ethier

Well you could ethier one.... quite the job... or two ingore the problem... or three do what I do and just ingore the person when they call you buy any other name except for the one you want... and other childish manners such as remaking your own name tag :P...

Yet in all seriousness, it depends on how bad you need this job... how esailly you can get a new one... and how much this really bothers you.

Beyond that it seems that this person needs a serious bicth slap... :P

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Haha! I totally agree on the

Haha! I totally agree on the bitch slap! I want to quit but I need to find a new job first. I tried the wearing someone else's name tag but they made me put my other one back on because if I didn't they said they would fire me.

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I'm pretty sure if they allow other people to use nicknames, then that could be something you can file a lawsuit against :P

Anyways, that's absolute BS. Sorry you have to go through that :(
That's redick!

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Sounds like you should go talk to the owner, as you were instructed.

So far, you have an inhospitable work environment, but nothing that sounds like discrimination lawsuit territory yet. But they sound like they might go there at some point, if pushed.

If you have a phone that can record, like iPhone, etc., get the recorder app and turn it on before you talk to your manager.

Of course, even if ENDA were passed, the trans/gender stuff was removed, so it wouldn't help. But worth a shot...

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Again I agree with Jeff

Nothing legal you can do however, if you are 18 or older you can go to the District court and have your name legally changed to what ever you want. That would then also change your birth certificate and drivers license also. It would cost you in the neighborhood of $80 to $180 to have done. But first do go talk to the owner and tell him/her that others are allowed to use their nick names why not you? Good luck .

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If other people have nicknames on theirs...

You could probly sue them. I mean, it's making it into a huge deal, but they can't really refuse having your preferred name when other people have theirs.

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I could try but I more than

I could try but I more than likely will lose due to Wisconsin not having any laws protecting people from discrimination based on their gender identity


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People challenging things like this is how the law changes. Check with the ACLU.

Here is the contact info for Wisconsin: http://www.aclu.org/affiliate/wisconsin

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Thanks! ~Jay