Dreamt of Him

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i dreamt of him last nyt....
it was the first time i dreamt of him since i left.
u can say he broke my heart. i mean how can this person say he loves me, that im his bestfriend, that wen im sad his day is already ruined and most heartbreakingly of all his "Boyfriend". One day there arent any secrets wit me and him, one month he calls me every night jus to say goodnyt even wen its super late, just bcuz the last thing of the day he ever wanted to do was jus say Good Night to me.
Then the next he ignores me, refuse to talk to me, and most of all tell me on FB that ur uncomfortable wit me. off all things to say! i mean it wasnt like i was the one asking or telling you to do all of that!
UGH! look at me spitting such vile words online. if he didnt want to b anything, he didnt have to take it to that level.....
i hate the fact that it was so easy for me to let him in....
but in the end.... NO REGRETS haha he made me smile and im thankful for the moments we had.

thanks for the memories! have a good life! :D