End of the Year Stuff

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So, just Finals Week left before graduation... It's all starting to seem a little more real now. I'm still under the delusion that not much is really going to change after I graduate - I'll still be going to school, in the same town, seeing my same old friends, et cetera - but at least graduation itself and leaving this school seem real.

I do hope I'll still get to see my new crush, too. We've exchanged phone numbers, and she suggested that we go for a hike together sometime, so, fingers crossed.

I haven't told you guys about her yet beyond a brief mention... and I'm not sure I'm ready to do so now. She's amazing, though, and I'm definitely smitten. She does happen to be the daughter of one of my teachers, so that's a little awkward, but whatever.

Er... what else?

Oma seems to be doing reasonably well in the dementia home. Not happy, but no more unhappy than she would be anywhere else, and unquestionably safer and healthier and less of a burden on her progeny. My mom and I visited her yesterday, and it was actually kind of nice. Not even one little argument. The only negative things we heard from her were 'I hate places like this' (said very calmly, almost jokingly, after I asked her how she'd been doing) and 'Are you going to take me home tomorrow?' (to which we answered 'No' and she didn't openly object). So that's about as good as we can hope the situation to be.

Aaaand.... Yesterday was the Senior Picnic, to which I did not go because almost all my friends are juniors, so I figured just to save the money and be one of the two seniors at school....

Aaaand.... Yearbook signatures I think I'm going to give their own entry, once I know I won't be getting any more of them, because quite a few good ones were exchanged this year, unlike the last two years when my yearbook has managed to collect only a pitiful two or three notes....

And.... On Thursday my group performed our Waiting for Godot -inspired skit for English class, and it went super well. We were playing ourselves sitting around on benches outside the classroom, waiting for inspiration for our skit. Because that's what we were doing for the first two days of the assignment, until I saw everybody sitting around doing nothing (which of course is what Waiting for Godot is all about) and pointed out that we might as well just bring the audience out there right then. And from that idea the other people developed a whole semi-scripted semi-improvised skit about us all sitting around getting ready for our skit. And we had one of our people play our teacher, and the Mr English Teacher himself did very much enjoy the portrayal. But we didn't get to use our other good idea of having somebody wearing a big GODOT nametag come into the theatre, hand a blue slip to somebody in the audience, and walk out again completely unnoticed by the performers on stage.

And speaking of English, this weekend I have to finish my Yorick-skull-English-project and possibly learn the 'Alas poor Yorick' speech. And (unrelatedly to English) pack for Tanzania, and clean my room, and do laundry, and possibly a few other things, I'm not sure...

Think that's all.


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'a whole semi-scripted semi-improvised skit about us all sitting around getting ready for our skit.'

That's so, so awesome. And it's really... MacAvityish, too.

This sounds strange, but I'll say it.

I appreciate you. I appreciate the way you write your journals, the way you percieve the world based on them, and their subtle humour. I enjoy them the most of anyone's journals on this site, and please, please never stop journaling...


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Thanks, Flyby! I'm very touched.

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I didn't even get a yearbook! Two or three signatures are better than none (my case).