Fail Sober Streak is Fail.

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Yep, your good buddy Chris did it again. And by "it", I mean teh awesomeness that is weed. It's so...well, lemme start by clarifying that I'm not doing it to be cool. In no way am I doing it out of pressure. But when I'm offered it, I accept. It does what self harm and pills do for others. It just, releases me. It takes away the thoughts of the future, any worries in my head, the stress I'm under, and throws it away. I laugh when I'm high. I enjoy life, in that brief two or three hour period that I'm "under the influence". I look back at those programs like DARE that said "Don't do drugs n' shit, kids. It'll fuck yo' mind up." and I chuckle, because nobody would figure that I, the semi-straight A kid that everyone copies off of, is the handful of kids in our class that does drugs. Even I can't wrap my head around it. It doesn't seem bad. When I smoke, I inhale a whisp of grey air, and it makes me happy. In no way do I feel like a bad kid, or does the word "drugs" or "illegal" cross my brain at all. :/ So yeah, saw the Hangover 2 while I was high. Laughed. My. Ass. Off. So fucking hilarious. xD

School's out, and the last day was amazing. It doesn't feel like the end though. Freshman year was full of ups and downs. Like the one day that everyone spilled out their histories of cutting and shit, everyone was crying, but I was absent. go figure. But at that moment, it seemed we all crossed a line. From "classmates" to, something like "friends". Bullying went down, but it was still there, and connections between the teachers and students were made. It was fantastic! And, I got a hug from HotKidInAlgebra2, which just...made my day. We made a lip dub, which is going to be pretty epic. But it's left me time to think. What will next year be like? Is it going to be better, worse, or the same? I plan on coming out next year. when I'm a sophomore. That's when my friend JM came out, and he hasn't been harassed or anything. But then again, it's more of the people in the class that makes the whole situation difficult. But I feel people in my class are more understanding, since we crossed that previously mentioned "line".

This summer is going absolutely nowhere. First day, smoked. Second, today, nothing. I swear, it's boring as fuck. Although I do have summer gym coming up the 6th, which was fun last year, but that was when the Lesbian Gym Teacher was in charge of it. Now we just have my classmates dad in charge. Boo. Q_Q. Now I'm in my room, typing this, while listening to Evanescence. I might go play Just Dance or Oblivion...Gah...

How is everybody else's life going?


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Ah, I miss smoking weed, I

Ah, I miss smoking weed, I have no time anymore...maybe tomorrow, though. I only have a problem with people who smoke up if it's regularly more than once a week... it's so sad to see people who used to be my friends turn into zombies. As long as you can balance your use with your life, I've never seen an issue.

Things are good for me, I'm doing really well at work, apparently, my boss is impressed... And my boyfriend has been so wonderful to me this week :)

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that's the same way it is

that's the same way it is with me. That was about, like, the first time I did it in 3 weeks. And it was nice. :)

That's good. :D

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on being a sophomore! The days of me doing nothing at home and being bored are gone. Learn to enjoy boredom, because it won't last long.

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I Dunno

A lot of the "smart kids" at my school smoked weed. Actually, probably three fourths of the kids in the AP program did/do. Even though I never smoked pot, and never plan on it, I'm a little bit a fan of that plant. It tends to make people a teensy bit more accepting of us homo's. Or maybe I'm mistaking cause for effect. Whatever.

My life; good.

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Sure, they're more accepting when they're high, but once they sober up, it's all "Dude, why did you blow me?" Too much drama...

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain