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The other week, I went out to some garage sales with my mom and bought a nice clock for two bucks; which I realize probably doesn't sound all that exciting but mine broke months ago and I was procrastinating on buying one, so I was using my cellphone as an alarm clock but then I went and killed that in the wash, so this was an awesome buy. So, anyways, the most interesting besides my AWESOME buy, was that while we were walking up a street, I noticed there was a van that had one of those FCKH8 stickers on its bumper. It made me smile. There are actually gay (or very gay friendly) people in my neighbourhood. Go figure!

Still looking for a job. Thinking about applying at the Gamestops and grooming places nearby. I'd love to work as a pet bather... but if they don't have 'hiring' signs in their store fronts is there even a point? This is an honest question. I've never applied for a job in my life. I've worked for my parents and that's it.



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haha, I worked at a dog day

haha, I worked at a dog day care for a long time and dogbathing was always the highlight of my day.

It is DEFINITELY WORTH APPLYING. Show up IN PERSON to where you're applying, ask if they have any openings and if you could fill out an application. they'll ALMOST DEFINITELY tell you to fill out the application online. Apply. Wait 5 business days. Call and say "Hey, I came in the other day and you told me to fill out an application, I just wanted to make sure you got it," and "I'm really interested in knowing when there is an opening."

They'll either call you, tell you to fuck off, or ignore you. If they ignore you, call every week and a half or so, come in just to buy something random, always introduce yourself, and if the "help wanted" sign comes up, CALL IMMEDIATELY and remind them how awesome you are.


It'll pay off.

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Thanks for all the advice for applying!

I'm so shy, I'm not sure I could be quite so persistent, but I'll definitely try. haha. I guess this has worked for you in the past?

When I took a college program a couple of years ago, I had to pick a job I was interested in making my career and I chose dog grooming and so I got a placement in a groomers for a day and got to bath a few dogs.It was tiring to some degree but it made me feel good. I could see the fruits of my labour and I'd much rather do a physical job like that than spend my days at a cash register in a grocery store or fast food place. Not that there's anything wrong with those jobs, I just don't want to deal with nasty customers or being rushed, ect.

"Sometimes it takes another to show us the truths we hide from ourselves."
-Leliana, Dragon Age

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yep. works for everything-

yep. works for everything- dating, jobs, schools, fixing broken things, everything.

but mostly jobs.

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Bumper stickers like that always make me smile.

I remember I once saw a car parked outside a church with a bunch of rainbow and inverted triangle stickers on it. I was in a good mood for the rest of the day.


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Isn't it nice?

Yesterday while riding the bus, I saw a car that had a licence plate that was basically 'animal lover" and it had a rainbow sticker underneath the letters. Queer woman driving that car, I bet. xD

"Sometimes it takes another to show us the truths we hide from ourselves."
-Leliana, Dragon Age

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A scary alternative...

She could be announcing her encouragement of bestiality...

Doubtful... but, I must acknowledge that it is an intriguing juxtaposition :)

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Scary alternative indeed, elph.

That day my mind just immediately went : animal lover + rainbow = stereotypical lesbian (or perhaps bi/pan woman) with a ridiculous number of cats. xD

"Sometimes it takes another to show us the truths we hide from ourselves."
-Leliana, Dragon Age