Four Things and a Lizard

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Thing the First: Not-quite-two-weeks left until graduation.... The reality of it still hasn't quite sunk in.... In my mind, high school just sort of goes on forever - like, sure, there's summer, but then after summer, just another year of high school. Last year it was like the world ended on graduation day and I was counting down the days, almost counting down the hours, and always having to put on the show that nothing was going to happen on the afternoon of the eighteenth of June, couldn't say or do anything about moving dusty rolls of used carpet that morning or having an ultrasound done that middayishtime, however inappropriate it was to have those be the last things I would do before it happened. See, I still remember. Now, though, this year, when I am the one graduating... nothing. It's going to happen and that's going to be that. There'll be a ceremony. I have yet to decide what, if anything, I'm going to wear under my graduation robe, and... that's all. School again next year, even if it is school of a slightly different sort. Meh.

Thing the Second: Oma moved into a dementia home today. We've yet to see how that will turn out. We did try everything else - this was only our last resort because it seemed like the one she'd be least likely to accept. So, waiting for news. Maybe having other senile old people and plenty of capable-younger-people-who-have-actually-chosen-to-take-care-of-old-senile-people-as-a-career around will be good for her, help her stay entertained and keep her mind off the fact that she's not in her house. Maybe she'll just hate not being in her house, and start yelling at everyone and calling them horrible Germans ('Everything German is bad,' she says, 'and they will try to do it again!') and whacking them with her cane. The home refused to put her in the 'extremely feeble' ward on the grounds that, though she is extremely feeble, she'd be too likely to cause serious damage to some less violent feeble oldster. So, waiting for news.

Thing the Third: Er.... Hiked up Mount San Antonio (better known as either Boney or Baldy, I don't know which, as those two mountains are not very far apart and have excessively similar names) this weekend... Good long hike with a lot of altitude change. Long without being difficult. The title of Ultimate Day Hike in terms of Difficulty (in my experience) still belongs unquestionably to Mount Washington, which this was not. In California I think the trail builders actually know how to make trails, rather than sort of clearing away the shrubs straight up the mountain. We have things like switchbacks here, of which there certainly were none on Mount Washington. Confidence for Kilimanjaro is high. Maybe that's because I don't know how hard it is, but I have faith that we'll make it to the summit. We're good that way.

Thing the Fourth: I think I have a new crush, maybe.

And a Lizard: Mostly I've just been longing to use the phrase 'Four things and a lizard' for quite some time. But I do also have a lizard - a little jewelry lizard, I mean; I'm done taking in live lizards, although I did take in a walkingstick recently, but that was just to keep it from further polluting the continent with its alien parthenogenetic spawn. But I probably would not be telling you about the lizard if it weren't for my desire to use the phrase 'Four things and a lizard.' Anyway, my lizard. I found it in Oma's house, which is a perfect place for finding random awesome things but also a perfect place for finding loads and loads of complete junk. I think it's a tie pin. It's sort of little and golden-colored and cute, and it's attached to a sort of curly pin thing that you screw into whatever fabric it is to which you're pinning the lizard. But I don't wear ties, and won't until I get a jacket or a waistcoat or both, and possibly not even then - I do so very much want a waistcoat, though, necessarily with a watch-pocket for my pocketwatch, of which I do have one - so I've been pinning the lizard to the collar of my shirt. And it's a lizard. And it's kind of cute, because lizards are.


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May I have the picture of

May I have the picture of the lizard... I just love reptiles especially sinice I used to own quite a few snakes and a couple of lizards :D... I just think that they are the most adoreable things on the planet... next to birds of course :P

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Well, it's not a real

Well, it's not a real lizard, as I said - just a tie pin. I'd be happy to show you a picture except that getting photos onto this computer is a bit of a pain. But yeah, lizards are pretty cute. So are frogs - have you ever seen any art by Tim Cotterill?

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No I haven't... :P Wait is

No I haven't... :P Wait is the reason that I should?

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He mostly makes frogs, but some lizards also. And they're just ridiculously cute. You've probably seen some of his work but not known who he is - his bronze frog sculptures are everywhere. Anyway, I thought you'd like his art if you think lizards are cute.

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That is really, really awesome...


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Maybe once you're walking

Maybe once you're walking across the stage to get your diploma the reality of graduating will sink in :P Everyone graduating is making me want to rush through my junior and senior years...

I'm wishing your Oma the best. :)