Guess who is doing something productive?

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Me! My grandpa asked me recently if I wanted to come work in his store. It's not exactly an ideal job, but I want money! Today was my first day. It wasn't so bad, actually. He's not making me go in super early or go on weekends, and everything is soooo easy so far. Also, my grandma brought us ice cream. :D

But there are definitely some drawbacks, though... First of all, it's sweaty in there. Oh, god, it is sooo sweaty in there. And dusty too. Also, it's a store for like, car parts and farm stuff, so no hot girls EVER come in. Ever. It's all sweaty dudes allll the time.

But money! Yayyy! Isn't it sad how I got a job before my mom? Dude, if someone as lazy and unmotivated as I am can do it, so can she.

In other news, my lucky bracelets have been failing me lately. Also, I am craving coffee. As always, I need to talk to FCG. I was gonna do that today but ended up being dragged shopping by my grandparents. Oh, speaking of FCG, she has these two friends who are so totally probably gay for each other, and even she questioned them about it. (Imagine that, FCG picked up on somebody else's Super Closet Waves...) I also think they would be completely adorable together, just sayin'. Hahaha. I love reading their facebook banter, but it also makes me miss FCG... Tomorrow I need to reject all shopping trips and hopefully force myself to talk to her.

My mom is coming home from her trip tomorrow. Blahhh. I love having the house to myself. :(

This is a short, short post...


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Oh you are SO lucky you have

Oh you are SO lucky you have a job. I can't find one ANYWHERE. At least you'll have something to occupy your time. And a way to make sweet, precious MONEY. :D

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That is, if you like smelling of dusty sweat and having dudes with thick redneck accents talking down to you... Yeah, I already hate my job. Hahaha.

But yes! Money! That's what I keep telling myself. Money, money, money.