Has anyone played the game Alice...?

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Well I am going to be talking about two things today... First is game... and the second is what in my opinion is people making way to big a deal out of somthing simple.

Ok for the first thing... Has anyone played the game Alice or played the new sequal... Alice: Madness Returns... I have only played through a bit of the second and would like if anyone wants to discuss the symbolic nature of the stuff in the game becuase it is what I would call a hella trippy game. *Loves him some Chesire Cat*

The second thing is... Why do people bicth about the fact that when someone says "Thats Gay"... and they mean it as in calling it stupid. I don't get why people would bicth about this... hell I call things that all the fucking time. I don't see it has homophobic or anything. It is just a way of saying that somthing is stupid... which actually I made up as a kid... so I never learned it form anywhere else... :P If anyone wants to debate this I would like a friendly debate on the topic ethier over PMs or right here in this journal, but the instant it turns to name calling... I am just going to stop the debate.


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Well my sister has summer

Well my sister has summer courses, but it's just because she's an overachiever. xD So I don't know how your schedule works there dude. I couldn't give two fucks less about it anyways.

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Honestly, I can see Yama's

Honestly, I can see Yama's point. I used to be mega offended by people saying things like, "That's gay," but then as I got older, I realized how completely and utterly dumb it is to be offended by words like that. :/ I know being gay isn't bad or stupid or anything, so I'm not going to bitch at someone else for using their right to free speech. Of course, I'd never actually use the phrase, but I've gotten to the point where I can't STAND hearing someone whine about word choices.

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Super Duck I love you so

Super Duck I love you so much you expressed my point prefectly... and better than I could... Thank you for that... maybe people will understand what your saying better :) *huggles tightly*

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Well we're two different

Well we're two different people. You don't see me telling Brina that using the term himself and proving his internalized homophobia is bad and that he should change. I'm just saying it makes him look like a douche. His life is his, yours is yours, and mine is mine. I'm trying to make a difference in the world.

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Again dumbass... I don't use

Again dumbass... I don't use the term... This entire arugment is about principal... I am sorry that you missed that by obessing so much over grammer that you can't read or see... :P

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Again with your stupidity. I

Again with your stupidity. I would have to have read your shit to correct that grammatical errors in it. All 1000000000000000000000 of them. xD

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Alright guys... I know

Alright guys... I know everyone is going to hate me, but I don't care....

Chirs you little faggot... you need to fucking leave me alone. I don't want advice some little grammer nazi who doesn't have the balls to come out to his own fucking mother.... you are a peice of shit and know it. You should just go and kill yourself becuase I can tell your one of those useless people who are just going to set around on the internet and try and bully people. Or probably murder someone becuase you can't let go of a grugde. I have been pushed over the edge by your stupidy... and so guess what... just go kill yourself, becuase I can tell your life is on the path to self destruction... and I swear to god if you don't leave me alone I am going to stalk you around this website and just ruin everything for you... you little piece of shit.


Just to let you know... none of your insults are any good becuase all the bad things you know about me are lies so you can't actually effect me :P Stupid little Chirs... what are you going to say now...

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Let's go over some things

Let's go over some things here.

1) I'm gay. Gay = Faggot. I am a faggot. And you are retarded.
2)You didn't have the balls to kill your roomate. Oh shit, bitch! XD
3) I was not aware that I was a piece of shit. Thank you for informing me.
4) I'll have you know that I have attempted suicide once, and it was a failed attempt obviously. Since then I have been completely and utterly Depression Free, so killing myself is out of the option. Thanks though.
5) You're the 21 year old calling out a 15 year old on an LGBTQ blog. I'm not the one who is useless and bullies people. That would be you, good sir.
6) Er, I'm not feeling murderous today. Get back to me on that in like, never.
7) Uh, hun, you've been over the edge. You've never been on the edge, or anywhere near the edge. Just been over it, foreeevvveeerrr and eeevvvveerrrrr. Lawl for you taking this so seriously. XD Trollololol.
8) I've handled self destruction before, and this isn't it. More stupidity from Mr. Dramawhore!
9) Again, I'm a piece of shit. See #3.
10) Can we play Monopoly? THAT'S MY FAVORITE GAME.
11) So you're not retarded, autistic, or bi polar?
12) And I was hoping we could be friends. KIDDING. No life jerk.

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I keep forgetting you're 15 and he's 21, so I take it back that you two should just fuck already and get it out of your systems, since that would be illegal.

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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Just imagine that we're both

Just imagine that we're both 18 Jeff. I'm sure I've done plenty of illegal things before. XD And from the looks of it, it wouldn't be consentual sex anyways. Boo, I was looking forward to it. XD

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You are right Chirs it would

You are right Chirs it would be rape on your part for me to even let your fat little teenage self to touch me... :P

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Lawl for you calling me fat.

Lawl for you calling me fat. You've never seen me, you have no clue. xD I could be anorexic. o_o

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Trust me... I can just

Trust me... I can just tell... :P

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You did post your photo on here yesterday. Not that you seemed fat or showed your ass... heh.

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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I'm going to be surprised if anyone ever takes your side in anything ever again, Yama.

Chris basically just said exactly what I was going to... so...


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You know that they'll still

You know that they'll still take his side because of his "issues"

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You know what Fly... I don't

You know what Fly... I don't care if anyone takes my side anymore... I just don't care. I am going to say whatever I want and you guys can contiune to hate me...

Besides flyby you hated me before... and so did Chris... and bascially everyone on this site form the moment I started here... so why would I care about that now...?

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To be clear, I didn't actually HATE you 'til today

You just annoyed me. And I didn't initially- I only started disliking you when you posted that entire crapola thing about trying to fix your homosexuality.


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well, the question is, is it ok to speed when a cop isnt around? no.
is it ok to say chink just uase no chinese people are around? no
is it ok to paint swastikas on stuff just cuase no jews are around? no
so is it ok to say something is gay in a derogitory term just cuase no gay people(besides yourself of course...) are around? i shouldnt think so.

it dosnt matter if it dosnt bother you personally. it dosnt matter if it dosnt bother anyone in your group of friends, what matters is that it creates an envioroment in our society that makes gay people feel less then everyone else. it may not be harming anyone immediatly, but everytime that phrase is said, it reinforces that there is something wrong with gay people, whether or not thats how it was intended.

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Yama, grow up and quit

Yama, grow up and quit antagonizing Chris. I was enjoying this debate about using the phrase "That's gay" until it turned into mindless name-calling. Like I said, grow the fuck up and realize that not everyone has the same opinion as you.

Since this IS a site created for the gay community, I think we should avoid using the phrase "That's gay" on here, mkay? You can say it all the fuck you want in your own time, but not on here. I can understand why people on here find it offensive and hurtful.

You're 21, Yama. Please be more mature :) Thank you, have a nice day!