Hey Oasis!

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Will you sign my yearboooooook?

I'll sign yours, too, if you like. Also, tell me what color ink you want me to use when I transfer your message into my yearbook. Because that's what I want to do. Because you lot are my fantastic new friends that I have met this year and my yearbook would not be complete without you signing it.

Okay, thanks.

Oh, and if you do copy out my messages, I'd like.... purple ink, if you have it. Black if you don't.


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THIS is such a cool idea.

I like it!

I know we don't agree on everything, and we argue sometimes, but I still think you're super intelligent! Maybe we'll get to be better friends sometime in our lives?

Anyways, keep on rockin', and have an epic summer!

-Shelby <3" or my full username if you want :P

Do you have blue pen???
That's redick!

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Hey Shelby, You are

Hey Shelby,
You are unquestionably one of the most colorful characters in this community - in a good way, of course. Your insight, honesty, and tell-it-like-it is bitchiness make us all think. Keep being the awesome Shelby that you are, as I know you will.
- MacAvity

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This is lovely, I feel special *-*

''Penser, ce n'est pas unifier, rendre familière l'apparence sous le visage d'un grand principe. Penser, c'est réapprendre à voir, diriger sa conscience, faire de chaque image un lieu privilégié.'' - Camus

Stay kind, fascinating and wonderful - take advantage of the great mind you have
your friend
Magic Fantastic

I usually write with a black pen

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Great Magical Fantastical

Great Magical Fantastical One,
You are an amazing poet and a truly beautiful person. I wish I could write as well as you do. Sometimes I do selfishly miss the tortured artist who would create such painfully lovely things, but I am sincerely glad that you have found love and happiness this year. May your talents continue to blossom, and may you find beauty in everything, especially yourself.
- MacAvity

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that tortured artist is still here, don't worry.

This is probably one of the kindest things someone has ever said to me.

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if I was really there I'd end up writing each letter in a different color, but because that's painstaking and annoying just write it in a thick, black marker. Or pen. Preferrably one with an interestingly angled tip, such as a calligraphy pen or one of those slanty Sharpies... you strike me as the type of person who would own interesting writing utensils. Anyway!

'You are incredibly awesometasticaliful, and make me happy at times that I don't think it's possible. You're the reason I now use single quotation marks. You see the world as something more complex than many, but you know when to stop pondering and when to keep elaborating. You're one of the most brilliant people I've ever 'met', and I hope your summer is fantastic. There are 104 days of it, correct? That's time for you to do rather a lot of interesting and funtastic things, not enough of which will end in -inator. May the Force be with you.

-Agent F.'

That turned out way, way too long. You may abbreviate if you so wish. It may be wise...

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Oh, Flyby.... I've only

Oh, Flyby....
I've only known you for a few months, and that only through writing, but you are without doubt one of my very best friends. You're funny, supportive, almost frighteningly smart, and eerily like me in a lot of ways. Also, The Original Gajindiak, which is awesome enough in itself. And the commander of unlimited Smiley Armies. And finder of the best Random Phrases. And the ultimate Baby Rainbowsy. And always there with the hugs when anyone needs them - here, have a fair-weather hug from me right now. Hug. You're fantastic.
Love, MacAvity

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I am absolutely copying that down.

Thank you so, so much. I could probably write another paragraph about how happy that made me, but instead I'll do this-

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

And you also reminded me to go add my newest Random Phrases. *skips off to find Random Phrases*



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MacAvity-- You can write


You can write this in either orange or purple marker.

I've known you through writing, but even so, I find you one of the greatest supports I have on here. You're such a great and reliable friend that I feel lucky to know you.
By the way--you looked magnificently dashing for prom!!

and i wish i could think of more to say. see , im eating ice cream so it must be giving me a brain freeze... :P can i add to this later/.?

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"I wish you the most luck in your life, may every endeavor you pursue flourish. Jy is Pragtig." - Lone Wolf

You can write it with a simple black ballpoint pen.

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Lone Wolf, it has been (and

Lone Wolf, it has been (and will continue to be) an honor to know you even through the Internet. Pax tecum, Deus tecum, amice.

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It gets better! How cliche?

It gets better! How cliche? It does. And trust me on the sunscreen bit.

Any color!

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I'll be happy to write 'It gets better!' from you, but, if you don't mind my asking.... Who are you? What sunscreen bit? I'm confused.

And Eli, take all the time you need, but you had better finish at some point so I can sign your yearbook too.

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I'm liking this idea! It

I'm liking this idea! It makes the relationships we all have on here more tangible.

"I haven't talked to you as much as I'd like to, but from the few conversations we've had you are already one of the most interesting, intelligent and witty people I 'know'. You always have something interesting to say, whether it's journals or white-knight debates and I really hope to be able to get to know you better in the future.