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Is insolence beautiful?

Judge me not for what's in my coffee mug, but for what fills my whore mouth.


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I only have this to say,

I wish I knew you well enough to understand what you meant. Because I'm way too lazy to decipher your art.

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At least it fills your whore mouth, worse when there's a lot of room left in it.

Thought of you reading Douglas A. Martin's Outline of My Lover this weekend. Sort of a poetic prosy take on his four year relationship with Michael Stipe, who is not mentioned by name in the book. Seems like you might dig it.

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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My guess...

Appearances are deceiving, appreciate or criticise me for my actions, especially the ones that I hide.

Hope things are going okay!