'Holy crap it's That Day'

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Long story as to how this got here, but... my camera's big memory card is still full of photos from last summer's trip to Alaska, but it needs to not be so that it can take photos in Tanzania, so the Alaska pictures need to get onto this computer so they can be deleted from the camera, so the computer's memory needs to make a bit of space, so things need to be deleted from the computer, and since photos take up a lot of memory, it has been necessary for me to go through the old photos (this computer had, until the purge, over eight thousand photographs, now it has around seven thousand three hundred) and delete whatever can be deleted.

And suddenly among the 2008 photographs (photographs from the year 2008, that is), this jumps out at me:

And my mind just went '.....Holy crap. It's That Day.' Which then immediately became the title of the photograph, because of me being impulsive that way.

This was taken at 7:25 in the morning of my first day of high school (not counting my homeschooled freshman year). 7:25 in the morning. Thirty, maybe forty minutes later, the taller kid in the photograph* will casually glance around a Precalculus classroom and catch sight of a certain face.

Maybe we shouldn't call it love at first sight. In all likelihood, if the taller kid in the photograph had never seen the girl across the classroom again, she (for a she she was at that point, albeit a slightly confused she) would not have thought of her more than two or three times more in her life, let alone every single day for three years and probably more. But still, it was perhaps as like love at first sight as can believably be said to exist.

She introduced herself to me, after class, sealing my fate, though neither of us knew it at the time. Maybe there was a vague idea in my mind that she would be important. Certainly the words 'I'm in love' and 'I wonder if she likes girls' had flashed across my thoughts, along with the words 'Maybe I'm gay' and 'I'm not gay.' She, she was completely oblivious. She saw only a new kid in need of a friend.

But the kid in the photograph... Wow. Doomed. Nobody had the faintest idea. Just half an hour after that picture was taken.

Anyway, that's my weird little getting-punched-by-the-past moment of the evening...

* Me, of course. The shorter one is Mr Fusion, who is no longer the shorter of the two of us and has had his face blurred out for the sake of his privacy.


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You've been to Alaska and are going to Tanzania? You're amazing!


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