Hoo hoo hoo

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Jeez, I know I'm for some reason bleh when every time I sigh, which I do quite a bit, even when happy, there's just a little "...fuck...." there at the end. Every time :P
I don't even know why.
It's just everything seems depressing right now. I dunno what to be thrilled about, there doesn't seem anything.

Because, yeah, school is really getting on my nerves right now, and I wish it could just be over now, because school doesn't end for 3 more weeks...
But then I think, so when school is done, what's gonna be different? I'll just be bored and slowly strangled without being challenged ever...
But it'll be nice for at least a few weeks, as I just kinda detox from all this school crap.

Such as, I have to take the end of course exam for Algebra 1, which I did in 7th grade, I have to take the exam for it on Friday.
It's like, what ratcock fat whale stripping hooker slut prostitute whore bitch asswipe doucherag cockwads!
Like, it wasn't a requirement to take one, when I took the class, but then they decided to not only make it a requirement after the fact, but also to now include several things in the year's curriculum that weren't there before.
Just, (refer to previous profane insult) can't let us get by without another couple shaftings.

Also, blue boy is being a confusing weirdo and is really starting to trip me out, and I'm getting tired of it.
And basically, no one seems to be happy :P

I guess I'm not really unhappy, just not-happy-at-this-current-moment-in-time.
Like, this morning I didn't feel like me, I felt like someone who has been closely stalking me and everything I do for the past 3 weeks that then brutally murdered me last night and put on a costume and assumed my place in life.
It was a weird feeling.

So, yeah, nothing is going really badly wrong, just a few things are and basically nothing is going right except that my crush is appearing even cooler than usual, and of course, Doctor Who is always going right.
Boy, what I would give to be the Doctor. All the shit I'd do, where I could go to any place or time in the universe, and have a lifespan of more than a thousand years to just travel around the universe and do interesting things, it doesn't matter what.
And of course, to be as awesome and cute as Matt Smith.
(I wonder how it would feel, if you were straight, to know that you ranked quite high on a gay site's 100 cutest guys list. Matt Smith was like 29 or something :P)


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And one more thing, Yung Humma always makes me feel better :P :

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Okay, I can't tell, is this

Okay, I can't tell, is this guy being dead serious with this song, or is he trying to be funny? Cuz I really cannot tell.

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I think

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Confusing how? He's confusing me too.

Or is it something I don't wanna hear about
That's redick!

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at least for now you don't have anything too stressful. My graduation is on Friday and I've been having nightmares of tripping and falling on the stage. :|

Probably won't happen though. ;-)

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so this person killed you, and like cut off your skin, and is now earing it like hannibal lector would?

"A loving man and woman in a committed relationship can marry. Dogs, no matter what their relationship, are not allowed to marry. How should society treat gays and lesbians in committed relationships? As dogs or as humans?"

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What a productive mind!

Wow! I'm envious!

This mental agility must provide you with all sorts of pleasantly gory (and, maybe some not-so-gory) before-sleep possibilities :)