I find that exceedingly difficult to masturbate to

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I have no clue what's going on, man.
Maybe I smoked pot and got so high I forgot I smoked pot.
Uhhh, bad things, I can't get the willpower to do that English assignment :P Still. I'll do it tomorrow. And make sure you guys make me.
Also, I'm becoming increasingly attractted, although not really in a sexual manner, to my stand partner in orchestra, he's so awesome I think I could die. Which is kinda good and bad, I guess, because every time I see him I'm a little happier than I was before, and he's really good at being positive and awesomeness all the time. However, I also have to deal with the complicated soup of emotions that well, he'll never be attracted to me in any way whatsoever, so it would be basically wasting my time to even fawn over him anyway :P
But, whatever, I guess it's still good because he's awesome and yes.
I always wonder what my crushes would think if they knew I was crushing on them... I know this one is accepting, but still, I think it would be weird for any straight guy to know that they're being crushed on by another guy, not in the same way if I were being crushed on by a chick...

Also, yes, Shelby, Blue Boy is confuzing me in many ways, because I just really can't figure him out. Also, I'm sorry, but I can't help my being gay or any other emotions I may experience, nor can I control his actions, so if he makes any advances I'll make clear I don't want them, is that good enough? Because I really don't want to be a Cutefail :P

So I'll make a rant about things I don't like, that's usually all I do anyway.

So, basically, I've realized that basically the main thing I don't like is stances that go contrary to practicality.
Which is why I don't like conservatives, generally, because they're not practical.

I came to this view, I think, because I've thought about what is the purpose of life? All I've been able to come up with is, to have as much pleasure and fun as possible.
Therefore, all my personal decisions are based on me enjoying myself as much as possible, and my political views based on creating the most happiness for the most people.
In essence, practicality.

For an example, my mom demands that I wear a different shirt every day and comb my hair.
Most of the time, I don't comb my hair, I style it just the way I like it, but I like to do that without a comb, because I just don't like the way combing my hair makes it lie on top of my head like a mass of dead worms.
And I only change my shirt once every couple days, because I see no reason to waste detergents and water on a shirt that I've just worn for a few hours while sitting down in a room, not sweating or anything.
Basically, my mom is not being practical. I've tested it, and she can't tell the difference between when my hair is combed or not (because I still style it, I care a lot about my hair), and she admitted that neither she nor any stranger could tell if I hadn't changed my shirt in over 1 day, unless there was a stain or hole.
So she wants to make decisions that make no sense, basically, there's no reason to, no one benefits from either of those things, not even her, in fact she has to do less laundry so it helps her, but she wants them done just the same.

Or the death penalty, I don't see why we should do it.
If you don't want moral reasons, just look at the practical.
-It takes far more money to put someone through the court processes necessary to execute them, than it costs to have them spend the rest of their life in prison.
-I'd say, execution is a mercy compared to life in prison, because life in prison torment is drawn out for years while people executed get it over so fast.
-If, heaven forbid, we find someone who is innocent, guilty of a capital crime, at least if they're in life in prison we can just take them out, even though we can never take back such a terrible injustice, but if they're dead, they're dead, and it has happened before where we've killed innocent people with the death penalty.

In other words, I can't see a single practical reason for the death penalty. Most of the arguments for it are things like "it's the right thing to do, they gave up their life when they killed someone".
Which swings no weight whatsoever with me.

Or another big one would be the issue of torture. I think it should be done.
If we have to weigh the pain of one, when it could save the deaths of many, it's ludicrous to even consider, practically.
Those who say, "it's wrong to torture, we have to be better than them" are just morals-showboating.
It doesn't matter how moral we're being, if our morals let many of out citizens die, that is still a huge amount of pain and suffering and death dealt to us, and we can be moral all we want while our enemies kill us all.
As uhhhh, someone wise (I forget) once said, "War does not determine who is right, only who is left". Which means if our morality costs us a war, it doesn't matter that we were being moral, the depravities of the wrong side, but the strong side, will still ravage our people.
Which is stupid.

That can be applied to things like abortion, gay marriage, masturbation, drugs, alcohol, most things.
And I don't see why people ever want non-practical rewards :P


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Difficult ≠ Unenjoyable! :)

But... it's possible; the journal (quite informative), seems to have deviated from the subject first at hand.

Your goal may seem to remain (forever?) tantalizingly in view, taunting you from its perch at the end of a long incline... no matter how long the trip, its distance is perceived to gradually become shorter and shorter... but it approaches inexorably... and voilà:

You've won!

In this rather long bit of homework: difficult = effort rewarded!

Voluminously, no doubt.

A great night's sleep... right?

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How 'bout you just stop writing about him

That way I don't have to give a fuck.
That's redick!

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Is something wrong?

Seriously, what's wrong? Because this frostiness towards me is, I think, just a weensy bit over the top :P


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I don't want to hear about it, see it, or have to think about the fact that THE SAME DAMN THING AS LAST TIME IS HAPPENING OVER AGAIN.

He won't talk to me, look at me, or barely say hi. And you know what? I feel stupid for trusting him. So just be goddamned happy he still likes YOU.
That's redick!

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I assume

that something's bothering you?
Because this doesn't make sense...
I'm not rubbing anything in anyone's face, I dunno what I'm supposed to do.
And hey, I hump everyone, not just him :P
And isn't your job usually the one to make people think about the things they don't want to?