I love trees

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I've always liked gigantic trees, I dunno why.
We visited the California Redwoods and saw a tree that was 19 feet in diameter, which is pretty damn big.

But it fascinates me that there can be a living creature, something that is alive just like us, that can be thousands of years old, hundreds of feet tall, and SO EFFING BIG: http://groveoftitans.com/photos/lost-monarch/

That's the Lost Monarch Tree in California, 26 feet in diameter.

I don't know why I like trees, I guess it's my hippie kind of thing, but when people make things like drive through trees where there're these massive trees then they just cut a big hole through it so you can drive through it and take a picture of your family and feel proud of myself, I'm just like WTF.
And there was this tree named Promethus, that was cut down in 1964, when they counted the rings and were like "Oh wait, this tree is over 4844 years old, born in about 2880 BC, thousands of years before Jesus and that predates the building of stonehenge. And in the space of a few minutes we just cut it down to fuel our stove here DURR HURR HURR :P"

Someday, I want to just go down to the Redwoods and just spend a few days down there just walking around and around down there, maybe go on a "solo" as my camp counselor called it, where you go somewhere by yourself for a few days and do nothing except think.
I'd like to do that, just fetch up beside some tree like The Lost Monarch tree, and stare up at it, and think, all by myself.

Jeez, I'm such a hippy, but I just get so unhappy when I hear about how we came to America, crossed to the other side and systemetically proceeded to rapidly try to cut down every huge tree there is in the world, never mind the fact that they'd been there since way before we discovered the Americas, that they'd been there since the fall of the Roman Empire and we just came and cut them down to make a railroad or something... :P
What do you think?


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what an exciting life you lead.

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What is sad:

I think he may be oblivious to how exciting :(

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having trouble with if this is sarcasm... :P
I don't think it is, and if it isn't, thank you!


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I'm often (intentionally) cryptic...

But, in this case I'm not attempting to be cryptic... and, towards you, sarcasm is unthinkable!

Your potential lies far beyond what your current frustrations with life and school would suggest! IOW: You're likely oblivious... but that's OK... for now :)

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Sorry about that,

I meant to put an exclamation mark. I really do think you have an exciting life, after all the most I've ever done is a road trip to Denver Colorado from Texas.

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I agree about the Redwoods. My dad took me back up there last summer, and the museum tour in Yosemite was one of the most depressing parts. One of the exhibits was just a list of all the trees cut down that would have been the oldest in the world, had they not been cut down.

Reading about the history of the west pisses me off sometimes. For example, Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon Dam. Currently, I'm hoping someone is going to bomb the shit out of that damn. ARghggh. Environmentalist angst.

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Just trying something...

did that shut off the italics?
Anyway, yeah, I think it's weird when loggers like take pictures of them standing on top of giant stumps and are like all proud of themselves.
Not saying cutting down a tree that big is easy, but that takes maybe a day, while growing the tree takes hundreds to thousands of years. Good job logger, you've beaten that tree :P