I really need to go to bed.

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Ughhh, I am just so dsfgafd right now. I hate my job so much already. It's not the work itself that bothers me, it's the fucking customers. There's this one guy, a friend of my grandpa, who always fucking touches me! I DON'T CARE IF YOU'VE BEEN FRIENDS WITH MY GRANDPA SINCE I WAS 3, I REALLY DON'T WANT YOU TO RUB MY BACK OR TOUCH MY SHOULDER OR ANYTHING! STOP! And then there are the people who treat me like I'm stupid. I find it pretty hard to understand a lot of the guys who come in because they have EXTREMELY thick accents. I always do end up figuring out what they say, but it sometimes takes a moment, so I guess they think something's wrong with me, so they talk down to me, which pisses me off like you wouldn't even believe.

And then, there are the creepy dudes who call me "sweetheart" and "babe" and "honey" and shit like that. The guys who do that are usually not even old guys either. They're young enough so that it's just weird and not like a cutesy old man thing. I would say they're generally around 30-40. I don't think I'd be creeped out if they were like, my grandpa's age, because a lot of old guys seem to do that. But these aren't old guys.

It's a little jarring. I'm slightly tempted to put a giant sign around my neck stating my name (and possibly age) in neon letters. My grandpa seems completely oblivious to this, or maybe he just doesn't think it's weird, but damn it's uncomfortable. He does really need to make his friend stop touching me, though. That is just inappropriate even though he IS old.

One of the dudes who calls me creepy names yelled at his friend yesterday for "swearing in front of a lady." (The guy said "crap." I didn't know that was a swear?) Ohhh, if only he knew I was a huge sailor mouth. Hahahaha! I thought that was amusing in an ironic sort of way. Also, I get paid tomorrow. Yesss. So I guess it's not all bad. Like I said, the work is really easy, and I don't have to get there until right after lunch, so I can still sleep in. Half the time I'm there I have to organize these little ticket things that I can't explain very well. It looks a little like a receipt, and it says these guys in companies paid for their shit using their account or something. But it's so easy. Except sometimes I have to do other stuff that my completely computer-illiterate grandma (Seriously, she doesn't even know how to check e-mail, and she thinks Word is a "magic blank page") tries to explain to me, which usually ends in frustration for everyone involved. The other half of the time I have to help my grandpa check prices and take inventory, which is monotonous yet easy, and, unfortunately, help the customers...

Really, the people who come in are the only things I don't like about my job, now that I think about it. Well, them and the fact that I come home dusty and gross-smelling every day. An auto parts store is definitely not an ideal job for me, but what better boss could there be than my grandpa, who thinks everything I do (no matter how wrong or completely idiotic, you should see me trying to work QuickBooks Point of Sale) is amazing? I have no idea why, but he has always thought I was just the greatest thing ever in the universe even though I haven't ever done anything particularly amazing. I think he's probably my favorite family member besides maybe my dad (his son).

Also, the annoying little outside cat got inside today and almost made me late. I don't know how I feel about her. She's one of the cutest cats I've ever seen, but her meow is like nails on a chalkboard, and naturally, she can't shut up. She scared my cat, who started chasing her and attacking her. I had to pull him away, and he scratched the hell out of my arm. I had so much trouble getting the outside cat out because she got scared and wouldn't let me get near her. It was just a gigantic clusterfuck.

I need to randomly run into FCG again like I did last week. :'( Every time I go to talk to her, my confidence deflates the second I touch the phone. Fail. My grandma had some TV show on in the office today while I was doing those ticket things, and one of the characters had the same name as FCG and I was like nooooo.

On a lighter note, I am going to a party tomorrow. It's my friend's birthday. Now that I think about it, I think she's the friend I've had the longest. We started sitting together at lunch at the start of 6th grade, so I guess it's been about 5 years. Wow, time flies...


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Ew that's kinda creepy. Good

Ew that's kinda creepy. Good luck with all of those old perverted grandpas dude. Or maybe when one of them tries to touch you, you could just kinda scoot away from them. Or something.

Super Duck, I swear one day I'm gonna slap the lame right out of you. Just text the girl! :P

Oh, and have fun at that party.

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It is so creepy. D: I think

It is so creepy. D:

I think slapping the lame right out of me is just what I need, actually. Hahaha. My friends and I went to the movies tonight after dinner, and there was this girl there I thought was FCG, but she wasn't... Luckily I didn't say anything to her.

I just got back and it was fun! :D

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That's a little weird. Does your grandpa know about this? I feel like he would/could put a stop to the creepiness.

Speaking of creepiness, my first thought when you mentioned FCG was "Oh, Super Duck could totally just sabotage her car, forcing her to go to the store!". Apparently, my mind works like a serial killer who writes romantic comedies.

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Yeah, my grandpa is standing

Yeah, my grandpa is standing about 5 feet away every single time it happens.

Hahaha! Well that IS a little creepy...