I'm a hoodie ninja.

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You're welcome.

So, this old guy at work today was amazing. He was just a normal old guy, minding his own business, and then his phone rang. But... His ringtone. Oh, holy shit, his ring tone. What was it, you ask? FUCKIN' "WILD THING" BY TONE LOC! Hahaha! "I LIKE TO DO THE WILD THAAAANG~" It was truly glorious.

But then this asshole came in and ruined my good mood. It was a guy in his early 40s or so, whom I shall call Neckbeard because he had a total neckbeard. With him was a young guy about a few years older than me. I was just standing there doing my job, which is being a cashier and nothing more. It is not my job to be able to answer questions about motors and such. So, I went to get my grandpa to help Neckbeard and answer his question. After I came back with my grandpa, Neckbeard said something to him like,"Maybe you should get better help."


I'm a fuckin' 16-year-old checkout girl! How would I know anything about your motor, dude? Would you rather me have just made something up? Ugh...

I don't hate all the customers, though. There are some regular ones I actually really like. All 3 of them even came in today! Tattoo Man, Mustache Man, Glove Man... Tattoo Man is this hardcore biker dude who's friends with my dad. Haha. He's pretty cool. Mustache Man has a mustache that reminds me of walruses and never treats me like shit. And Glove Man always wears gloves and even has his own nickname for me-- "Miss Beetle" because I drive a Volkswagen Beetle. Haha.

My mom and sister still haven't returned from St. Louis. It's been almost 3 weeks. It feels really natural having the house to myself; I'm not looking forward to their return. Hahaha.

Some girl is upset because she hasn't seen FCG in like, 3 days. Oh dear... Try not seeing her for almost a month! :'( I miss her beautiful face. <3 I really need to talk to her soon. It's been around 2 weeks. She was on vacation last week, so I didn't then. I'm afraid I sounded dumb last time I talked to her...

Dude, do you know what I think is the coolest damn thing ever? Those big hippie vans that people convert the interiors into a little house. I would love to be super rich so I could buy myself one of those, make it completely and utterly kick-ass on the inside, and travel around the country in it. I'd want this one!

Also, my cat decided he likes to play in the sink! It's SO CUTE!


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I WANT A HIPPIE VAN TOO. When I was like, 10, my biggest dream was to take a year off before starting college, get one of those vans, deck it out with beads and lava lamps, and drive cross country in it. Then to Canada if I had time. ^_^
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YES! That would be so

YES! That would be so amazing.

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Just one thing...

HOODIE NINJA I love that song! >:D

I think I first heard it on a car commercial, or something. And it got stuck in my head right away and it tortured me night and day, until I learned to love it :P

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YES! That's where I heard it

YES! That's where I heard it too!