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I am quite certain that our internet has been cut down to the lowest Robbers Rogers plan. I can tell just by how slow the Youtube videos load. Seriously, you know what 27 bucks gets you here in Ontario, Canada? A two GB bandwidth usage cap. HAHAHAH. So goodbye, Tumblr! I'll blow through that in like 8 days, and that's with me being careful. I'm hoping to switch to Teksavvy cable, because for the same price we'd get a 300GB cap. They're a wholesaler, so they actually play fair with the prices unlike Robbers.

I just need to convince that family member whose house we're living in to switch to it. And I'm totally willing to pay $110 plus tax for the activation fee and modem, now that I have some money and I'm expecting a check from the government for the stupid HST bullshit assuming the postal workers don't strike in the meantime like they're threatening to. But that's besides the point. Ahh, I want to switch internet providers so bad!!! If we don't, I won't get to watch Pretty Little Liars and I KNOW I'll be completely spoiled before I get the chance to actually watch the episodes myself. THEN I will be pissed.


But seriously, can we move? Please?

Oh, and I'm also on the hunt for a job. That's all that's going on.