It's hard to believe the year's almost over... :P

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My school year is almost over finally... :P
I'm basically done with Chemistry. This entire last unit is extra credit and I already have an A in the class, so there's nowhere up to go. So it's sleep period now.
Lifeguard Training, well, it's never been hard or stressful, so I really never had to worry about it at all. I'll probably be certifying here soon, and I'm SUPER excited for Thursday, because that's when we have block periods that means we have 2 DAMN HOURS OF LIFEGUARD TRAINING OMG which will probably be 2 HOURS OF ULTIMATE FRISBEE, which I'm dying in anticipation for. Also, as 6th period, it will be my last period besides our last few half days.

Then there's German, that's also pretty well done too, because we're just watching a video and then going for a picnic in our last few days here.
And Orchestra, which is never really demanding, just boring.

So all I'm really left to still do anything in is Engrish and Math.
In English I went with the girl group in doing our final acting project, so that'll be smooth sailing because I chose the girl group because of their high ability to get A's.

And finally, Math. We're still doing review shit and then have our 2 hour final on Thursday, right before first lunch and then 2 hours of ultimate frisbee.
Basically meaning, all I'm doing this week is Math. Which is kinda fitting, cause it's always sucked the most, and now that math final is the only stress I have left in the week, and after that, lifeguard training bliss, then the end of school.
So fuck you Math.

Umm yeah, it's been mostly a good year. Who am I kidding, it's been a shitty year, but that's okay.
It could have been worse.