Jake Shears: Interview

One thing unrelated to this show that I was curious about was… did you once get really bad advice from Dan Savage?

I’ve never gotten bad advice from Dan Savage.

I was reading a piece where he said he gave you…

Oh, right, he said it was the worst advice he ever gave.. he’s full of it. Dan is like my family. Dan rescued me when I was a teenager. He became my brother that I didn’t have. I was 15 and I called his radio show, and I called in every week for a few weeks, and we were talking about coming out to my parents, and I eventually did come out to my parents. We were in Vegas on a family vacation, and by chance, I met Dan in person the night I got back from that trip. And you know…

(At this point, I thought Jake was thinking what to say, and I started wrapping things up once he seemed to not know what to say next... But, it turns out, our call was disconnected, oops, so I called him back…)

Oh my God, I just carried on for like 5 minutes (laughs). Where did I leave off?

You met Dan after your vacation.

Right, and he became one of my dearest friends. He and Terry took me under their wings. Dan got to know my mom and my dad really well. It was hard for them at first, like it is for a lot of parents, and they’re a very close family.

I thank my stars that I had someone like Dan in my life to look out for me. The values he and Terry instilled in me are with me to this very day. I’ll often find myself in situations still where I ask myself ‘What would Dan say about this?’ What would his perspective be if I gave him the rundown of this, this, and this?

They’ve been amazing guides for me. And they’ll be family to me until the day we all die. But I was a very lucky teenager to have him. He took me to my first AIDS funeral, you know? I’ve got so many memories over the years, and I’m so proud of him now. But it’s just amazing how he’s carried on. I think he’s just done great things in this world and is one of the smartest guys alive. So that’s my Dan spiel.

It Gets Better just took off and became something so amazing…

I couldn’t be prouder of them.

Well, we’ll let you get going. But as soon as I heard Scissor Sisters and Tales of the City, it sounded like a perfect marriage, so I can’t wait to see it, and I wish you the best of luck with everything…

Awesome! Thank you so much…


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Good job guy. Hope you succeed in you business.