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Whenever I see a hot girl somewhere, her boyfriend usually appears within minutes. Why, universe? Why!?

Well, except the hot hostess/greeter/whatever girl at the restaurant I went to tonight. No boyfriend magically appeared then, but I doubt she was gay... Hahaha. They never are. :( It's starting to feel like almost every hot girl ever is straight! UGH! She looked familiar; I think she was friends with the last girl I liked.

:( I hate thinking about the last girl I liked. I hope FCG doesn't end up forgetting all about me like she did... Haven't talked to FCG in about a week. I miss herrrr. I wish I was as cool as the super annoying girls who constantly hit on her on Facebook.

Also, I want iced coffee extremely badly, but it's too late to drink caffeine and I don't have any coffee here anyway. I also want to go to the BEST RESTAURANT EVER really, really, really badly, but... the only time it's open, I'm at work. Sadface.

Hmm, my life has been rather blah lately. I got some doughnuts from my grandpa, and I ate one yesterday, and it was amazing, and then a while later, I started crying for no reason, and then like 3 hours later I became really fucking energized. Also, someone on Tumblr posted a picture of a girl who looked exactly like me at first glance, and I thought she was me, and I was like, "WHAT I DON'T REMEMBER THIS PICTURE OR SUBMITTING PICTURES TO ANYTHING!" and then... I realized it wasn't actually me.

In other news, today That Fucking Guy came in and didn't even buy anything. He just sat on the stool in front of my counter and did absolutely nothing. He eventually asked me why I got paid. Umm... Because I work there. Fucking duh. But at least he didn't do anything creepy, thank goodness. Just annoying as hell. Why do people think it's just so great to pick on cashiers? I never noticed it until I became one, and now I see it EVERYWHERE!

TFG: I didn't know you worked on Fridays.
Me: Yeah, Friday is pay day!
TFG: Why do you get paid?
Me: What? Because I work...
TFG: But you don't have to have any money!
Me: Well, you kinda have to have money to, you know, buy things.
TFG: But you live at home!


In retrospect, I totally should've told him all about how lazy and useless and irresponsible my mother is, and how she mooches off my dad, aka her ex-husband, and how she refuses to even consider looking for something as simple as a part time job because working is "too hard" and her life is "too busy." (She sleeps until 1 p.m. every day, then proceeds to do nothing but talk on the phone and browse facebook until sunrise the next morning. Very, VERY busy, you guys.) Maybe he would've never bothered me again!

I counted all my money today. I have 500 dollars of my own now, not much but more than I've ever had, and that's 500 more than my mom has... And I can't even tell her about it because, guess what? Whenever I happen to have any money at all, SHE ASKS ME TO PAY FOR HER SHIT! Not even kidding! She's been in St. Louis for 2 weeks now and says she's coming home Sunday. I am dreading it. Today she called and asked if I got paid, and I said yes, and all I said was that I "have more money than I feel comfortable leaving lying around." I am never giving her an exact number.

I discussed this earlier tonight with my dad's girlfriend because I just had to say it to someone. It was actually not awkward at all. My mom is a giant bitch to her for no apparent reason, so it's not like she doesn't already know what kind of person my mother is.

And now for something completely different:


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The first picture,

It is the best thing ever. Although, I would prefer one about guys.

The second picture: the girl with the flowers makes me uncomfortable.

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The first picture IS pretty

The first picture IS pretty great. Hahaha. I made it myself! (Except for drawing the picture, of course...) All you have to do is go find the "Y U NO?!" template and write what you want on it~

Yeah, that girl with the flowers does look a little freaky!

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I fell in love with that

I fell in love with that first picture. Totally :P

Oh, and I vote that you tell That Fucking Guy to fuck off.

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It's pretty great :D I

It's pretty great :D

I should! Except I'm pretty sure I'd get fired...

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I follow that Y U NO thing on twitter if any of you guys have a twitter y'all should totally follow me @Magic_Fantastic. (yes I did take that from here)

may the crests of light,love,hope,courage,and kindness shine brightly on a new day.

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I think I had a twitter like

I think I had a twitter like 2 years ago but gave up on it. Haha. I thought Y U NO!? guy was from Tumblr?

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I feel sort of weird knowing

I feel sort of weird knowing that you use my screen name...
ლ(ಠ益ಠ)ლ Y U NO HAV OWN NAME?????


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haha sorry I changed it to that cause I love your name

may the crests of light,love,hope,courage,and kindness shine brightly on a new day.

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Why would you even do that? D:

If someone stole my ID on any site, I'd probably flip shit :( Even if MF's cool with it, it's sorta your identity. I call not cool, bro, if you didn't ask permission.
That's redick!

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ok well

if it bothers you that much I'll change it.

may the crests of light,love,hope,courage,and kindness shine brightly on a new day.

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It's not my decision for you to change it, but...

Just saying, you should ask permission next time...
That's redick!

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It's up to you, really - I

It's up to you, really - I didn't come up with the name, either (it's a song by Dragonette, by the way). It's just that Magic Fantastic has been my online persona on this website for over a year - imagine if I changed my screen name to Super Duck or kamkam or ect.

That being said, I don't really mind that much, as long as you are not plagiarizing my online self or pretending to be me. Plus, it's not like I use Twitter or use Magic Fantastic as a screen name anywhere else. So go ahead (:

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Hi there, Super Duck!

You're awfully nice, you know that? :D
That's redick!

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you gave up on twitter? Y U NO stay!? (sorry had to do that) I don't know where he's from but his tweets are funny as hell.

may the crests of light,love,hope,courage,and kindness shine brightly on a new day.