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i suppose that not having many any friends is sort of sad and it kind of makes me envious of the people that do

and while i somewhat do crave to be around other people... at the same time i really don't want to be around anyone anymore.


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It's okay

I don't have many any friends either <3
That's redick!

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<3 <3

<3 <3

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same here

I have very few friends too but I like to be alone so it doesn't really matter

may the crests of light,love,hope,courage,and kindness shine brightly on a new day.

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As long as you like it!

As long as you like it!

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Not everyone who has friends is happy. That said, I desperately want more friends as well. I figure that it's Ok to be a loner, so long as it makes you happy. I really hope I am right in thinking this.

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Exactly! I've turned back


I've turned back into the introvert that I used to be when I was younger.. but as long as it's not making you unhappy it's no big deal.

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Dude, I know just how you

Dude, I know just how you feel. I have lots of people that I talk to at school and stuff, but I don't really have a best friend. If I have to go through any kind of hardship, I usually endure it alone.

I just don't trust very many people, that's all. We can both be loners together! :P

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It's not that I don't trust

It's not that I don't trust people... it's just that if most people come to me with their problems I don't really give a damn, so I don't see why they would, I just figure out my own solutions.

Lonerz 4 lyfe \*/

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Popularity is so overrated

Popularity is so overrated once you realise that's all it is, popularity.
It's like a number, devoid of any meaning.

Or maybe that's just me being super cynical. I used to socialise a lot then I realised it's hard to keep up, and I've lost sight of why I did it. Now I almost ignore people... you know the good ones will still be in your life.

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It's so good to hear from

It's so good to hear from you! How've you been?

And same here. I used to socialize so much and now I'm sort of like... Yeah, no.

I'm trying to make an effort, though.

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People Suck Anyways

I don't have many friends, but I dislike humanity in general most of the time, so it doesn't really bother me...

I have very few people in my life who's company I enjoy. Even then, I don't seek it out.

I think some people are just better at being solitary than at being social.

~The Sweet Escape is Always Laced with the Familiar Taste of Poison~

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I sort of dislike humanity

I sort of dislike humanity as well. Especially the hetero-normative male. I feel so awkward and out of place around them...

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I mostly blame my lack of friends on not getting out and meeting new people. Also my shyness and awkwardness. At the same time I'm quite happy to be alone as well. No drama, no forced conversations about nothing. I'm afraid, I just don't know how to be like other people and be a "friend". Kinda sad but, eh, I just accept it. It is what it is and if it's supposed to change it will.

"Sometimes it takes another to show us the truths we hide from ourselves."
-Leliana, Dragon Age

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friends - haha i am so shit at socialising it has become comical. I am glad though now, it is better to have a small group of friends that are real, then a fountain of others in which you have to perform in a way that fancies them. I have seen others do this, which is utterly traceable.