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It's sooooooo slow and stupid. If it was walking across a flat desert with nothing growing in it except for one cactus, it'd walk right into it.
Literally, in the past few days all the shit that's happened has probably been slowly edging me towards a coronary here.
Because, I literally get maybe 5 to 10 minutes of internet switching through pages, and then it freezes. Nothing gets done. I can't even start task manager to just tell it that whatever it's doing, just damn stop now.
So it takes at least 10 minutes before I either get tired of waiting or it tells me it needs to shut off.

And then it logs me out of the internet again, and I have to log back on here and to facebook, and it's just a big hassle.
Maybe the first 5 times this happened I told myself it wasn't important, this is a stupid thing to get angry over, I eventually couldn't help myself.
So I now have a pillow next to me at all times to beat up if it happens again.

ANYWAY, my brother graduated tonight. Fascinating.


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But I like dinosaurs. >:(

But I like dinosaurs. >:( Though, maybe not dinosaur computers. That, I can sympathize with. XD)

lol at pillow-beating the dinosaur-computer. :)

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Cantankerous computer... bummer!

But... I'm confident that past experience militates against your seeking advice from one specific source? :)

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My diagnosis:

possible virus, or maybe you could use more RAM. If you could explain it in any greater detail it would be appreiciated over here.