Rory O'Malley: Interview

Was there a moment in your own personal life that you can look to and know that is when you decided to be out and stop being afraid? Did anything trigger that?

I don't know that there was a specific moment. It was definitely my first year in school where I had gone to Catholic high school and then I went to a drama conservatory, Carnegie Mellon University, and met a lot of other gay people who were out, and OK with themselves, and were happy individuals.

It definitely inspired me and made me realize that there is no excuse for me to not live my life. I see examples of healthy, wonderful individuals all around me, and it was time to start living the truth. So that is when I started coming out. So, it wasn't a moment, it's a process.

It's a process I'm still going through. I'm doing interviews for blogs and newspapers where I'm saying I'm gay, and that's new for me. It's not something I'm uncomfortable talking about, but it's a new thing when you have to say 'I'm comfortable talking about it.' That's just life. It's a journey.

And will we get a chance to see you perform on the Tonys on Sunday?

I won't be performing at the Tonys. It will be Andrew (Rannells). He has this big number called "I Believe," that's a solo. So, we get to sit and watch and enjoy ourselves and not be a big ball of nerves. (laughs)

Well, congratulations on the show, your nomination, and all the good work that you do. I'm rooting for you on Sunday!

Thank you!

Rory's 'It Gets Better' video:

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I'm not sure how I missed this back in June... now it's quite a bit later, but this amazes me. 'Turn it Off' is one of the most played songs on my iPod. This man is very talented, the song is very funny, and I just generally appreciate this a lot... even this much later.