So done with school

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By that I mean, I'm not done with school in actuality.
But, I mean that I'm so done with school.
I have a little longer yet, and some stuff still to do, so that sucks.
Like we had a chemistry final today and I only took half the class period to answer 100 multiple choice questions.
And I got like a C on my math test today.

And I'm just so tired, I want it to be over, of course it's over for my brother, I mean, he technically hasn't graduated yet, but yesterday was his last day, so that's fun for him. He gets to sit here while I continue to go to school.

I would just say "fuck it all, I'm not doing any of this shit", and I might still do that, not saying it's out of the question, but I really, really wanna drive next year, and if my grades are bad, my parents won't let me. Of course, my 16th birthday isn't until like 4th quarter, so maybe if I do bad this quarter, but then get 3 good reports next year, they'll let me drive.
Because when I can drive, I'd feel so much better about everything.
I already feel trapped in the house, and when my brother leaves this summer, it'll be even worse because I'll basically be an only child trapped in the house.
So yeah.

So basically, all that's going good right now is I'm almost done with Maple Leaf Rag, which is amazingness.
Here's the tempo I'm trying to work up to, and hopefully I'll get there soon:


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Feeling a bit... uneasy

Don't let that C become a harbinger of the course grade!

There is also the possibility that you've become one of the many victims of the current struggle between adherents to extremely divergent philosophies (some, truly bizarre!) on the teaching of math to primary and secondary school students... Dunno!

But... I still hold to the belief that you'll not be bullied by adversity.