sooo tomorrow....

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Is seattle pride...I am torn between going and not...I have friends who are, and I know they would be chill...but....seattle is sucha small town.

bound to run into someone I know there...If I go.

It has been years now, and I am becoming slowlymore and more comfortable with being gay, but still not sure.

Years ago, I wouldn't go to pride for two reasons. 1) I was too afraid to be outed and 2) that I would become angry and punch some stereotypical flamer in the face.

so yeah...not sure, but I guess I gotta decide. Thoughts?

also, this week I deleted my facebook account. permanently. It has been good to have, for a way to keep in contact w/ friends and family for the past few years, but it has gotten scary.

IM convos re coming out, fam issues and things I know I 'deleted' on facebook years ago, are now showing in their new 'archives' that stores every convo or IM YOU EVER HAVE. ever.

and It's scary. shit also tracks your interests and your friends interests and suggests to others or employers how you know certain ppl based on facebook's assumption of your friendship based on mutual interests. scary.

I am done w/ that shit. hopefully. I mean, everyone on there I know or need to be in contact with....they either already know me, see me, or have my contact info or vice versa.

So yeah, no need to have one. and they even 'own' any and all pics and content that you post now.

rant over.

On the plus side, hung out on alki beach tonight w/ some friends, drank some good brews, and got my new bike assembled, tuned and built...ready for my soon to be 30 mile commute to work.

that's right....movin' back in w/ the parentals...but @ least I'll be finishing school, living rent free, AND getting in shape. Oh, AND closer to kinda BF/ friends w/ bennies guy in hometown, so that's good too!



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If you run into someone you know at Pride, they're at Pride, too, so... what would the problem be?

Don't overthink it, just go have fun.

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Dude, go. It's worth it.

Dude, go. It's worth it.

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You raise a very, very good point. I may stop by there. or I may at least ride by the madness that pride is for a bit. IDK. I need to pack too, and I need to get ready to move and maybe ride to see how my ribs are doing. still recovering from worst crash ever two weeks ago.

hurting so bad, but the chiropractor did a few things that made my back feel a bit better. apparently, I was putting like 70 lbs more of my body weight on one side than the other. My shoulder and back are sooo outta whack. but chiropractic is spendy....

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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What everyone else said.

I would die for an opportunity to go to Pride! So go and have a super awesome gay time. From what I've heard it's positively uh-mazing. :P

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SF Pride was today!! I really wanted to go... but I didn't know how I would tell my parents (who are somewhat homophobic) that I wanted to go see the parade :(... so I watched it live from my own room, and I just wanted to be there... oh well.. I was happy to see the overwhelming diversity of Pride these days!!! :)

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Seattle's a small town? :O Whuuut?

Anyways, Alki Beach is certainly pretty :) I know this is an older journal, so sorry about the random comment outta nowhere :P
That's redick!

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lol. shelby...all good. and yeah...

It seems like everywhere I go, I run into someone who knows someone I know.


Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman