Stream of consciousness: marriage

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That's the word.


I'm getting married.

What wonderful words.

How utterly terrifying.

Am I really doing the right thing?



No, definitely I am.

I think.

I love him.

He loves me.


Marriage fails so often...

Ours will last.

I'm sure.

No I'm not.

Stop panicking, woman, you know it will.

I know, I'm just scared.

I love him, that's enough.

His parents don't approve...

Yes, they do; they love you.

What will his family say when I have no family at the wedding?

What about children?

Waaaaay too early to think about children.

Oh god, the wedding will be so expensive- does his father really not mind all that money?

How do women do this?

Don't panic.

Everything is okay.

Oh, sweet heaven.

I'm screwed.


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congratulations!!! get back

congratulations!!! get back to us when the jitters subside and you find yourself the happiest lady in the world. <3

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Thank you. :)

Thank you. :)

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Y'know, I'm sure a lot of

Y'know, I'm sure a lot of women have very similar thoughts before a wedding. And then once the day arrives, everything is right and perfect and beautiful.

Take a deep breath, and take comfort in knowing that you'll be with the man you love. And that is all that truly matters. :)

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Good luck!

It'll be wonderful. We all know it. I suspect you know it, too.

I'm also seconding Radiosilence's last two sentences.