Summer goals?

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I can't believe school has barely ended and we're already seeing the 'I'm bored' stuff everywhere. So, let's try and come up with something more interesting...

What do you want to accomplish this summer?

Let's pretend it is September and you're about to go back to school or start college. What would you like to be different three months from now, and what do you have to do to make that change happen?

I'm taking NO time off all summer, working two jobs, so I can't really play along as far as having free time, but my list is:
- Lose weight
- Come up with business plans for my vegan social network
- Hire a developer for the vegan social network
- Get rid of nearly all paper books, all film negatives, and nearly all printed materials in preparation of move

(The development of the vegan site will use the same software as Oasis, and both sites will benefit from that work, btw. But since vegan may make me some money, and ya'll won't, that is why it is skewed that way, heheh)

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I'm actually working on

I'm actually working on losing weight too, because I always seem to gain like 20 lbs back in the Winter, when I'm inactive a lot. So I want to lose around 50 pounds this summer, or near, because that'll put me under the "Overweight" mark for my height. :D I also kinda want to come out to my parents, and maybe even Facebook if things go well, but that seems more like a "when school starts and I don't have to rely on my parents for rides and money" type thing. :D
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I want to try and also lose

I want to try and also lose wait... though I only really need to lose about 20 pounds before I am underweight :P... Plus I want to make sure that I get as much of my mental problems worked out as possiable and make sure my body is in top form such as having all the kinks worked out such as my bad back and my messed up legs and feet... so I am getting pyschial therpy for all that. As well as this I am working on making sure I have all my good hygine habits in order and plus I try to be as nice and cool as possiable to my roommate whom I have already meet...

So the goal is to work on Mind, Body, and Soul for the summer so I can got to AU in top condintion to succeed... :D

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-Babysit dogs!
-Babysit old people!
-Babysit my dad!
Uh, but in my free time, I'll be working out. And reading. I want to have more of a social life too. I'll probably dye my hair some more, but that's not really a goal.

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I have become claustrophobic of it so bad.
I plan to try and find a job but somewhere with people my age and something that i like.
I plan to get my vintage bike fixed since i broke the front wheel so i can go out a lot cycling
I plan to buy new items such as a DSLR camera
I plan hopefully to meet new people and even better gay people
I plan to hopefully read more fiction to

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Because I want to do things without having to bum rides from family/friends all the time.

Plus I need to buy new microphones for my multi-track recorder and make a new folk-tune. I want to make a song about Moses (peace be to him).

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Uhm... I want to gain weight XD

Because I am a malnourished little stick figure.

I'd like to earn some money... I've been babysitting a lot; I guess I'll keep doing that.

I'll hopefully get another haircut- it's grown out way too much.

I'd like to fall asleep for at least a week straight, but I'm fairly sure that isn't going to happen.

I don't really get bored. If I have nothing to do I sit there and play TV shows, music or books I have memorized in my head, or just think about things. Usually I mentally play music.


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But since vegan may make me

But since vegan may make me some money, and ya'll ...

other than becoming a mermaid again (i gave up women for legs) i think i want to feel better about myself

that's pretty much it

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loose weight

Gawd my summer goal is to loose 100 pounds. I quit smoking and started to eat sweets, chocolates mostly, and gained weight fast. Now I am starting on a "satisfaction" diet. Its when you use a "smaller" plate, and when you eat and get satisfied, not full, satisfied, push the plate away and stop eating. Get hungry in the day for a snack, then I look for jello cups, celery, or some non fattening crap, ( most of it tastes horrid by the way) .
So far I have lost 20 pounds with 80 to go. But that took 3 months...I want to get rid of it all NOW!!!!

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