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Yes, I still exist! I just haven't made a journal in a few days. It feels weird to go that long without making one... BUT I HAVE AN ACTUAL UPDATE!

Tonight, my dad made us go out to dinner at this restaurant that's pretty good but really slow. We got there at EXACTLY the right time. No, we didn't beat the crowd, but it was exactly the right time because right as we walked in, guess who walked out!

I didn't notice at first. I saw a woman and a cute little boy that did kind of look like FCG's step-mom and little 5-year-old brother... But I didn't see her with them. And then the door opened again, and suddenly, FCG! I kind of stared for a second, not really registering that it was indeed FCG, but she saw me first.

FCG: Super Duck!
Me: FCG!!!!
FCG: Heyyy! ((hugs))
Me: ((hugs back)) Hey, FCG. :D
FCG: What brings you here?
Me: Umm, I'm about to go eat dinner.
FCG: Oh, well, duh. Haha. It's a really good restaurant!
Me: I know! I'm starving.
FCG: Well, I guess I gotta go... Bye, Super Duck!
Me: Bye, FCG!
FCG: I'm gonna text you soon! My phone's been off.
Me: Okay!

<3 I got FCG hugs. She is precious. I am eagerly awaiting her message. I was in such a good mood after that, I didn't even care that I sat on broccoli or that my sister was being a brat! My sister had a fit for an appetizer and coughed right all over everyone, refusing to cover her mouth.

My sister threw a huge fit when we got home, though. She demanded to play video games, and then she cried because I won. HUGE BRAT. It irritates me so much when she pulls that shit. At least my dad freaked out on her, though.

My mom went out of town, so I have the house to myself for a while since I'm not staying at my dad's house. IT'S AWESOME! Also, my grandma knows this lady who has a pool but never uses it since she's older and can't really walk well now. So every summer for the past 4 or 5 years, she has told my grandma that my family is always allowed to use the pool. And the pool is going to open in a few days! I am excited. But I might not get to use it for like 2 weeks because somebody's grandkid or something is coming, and I don't want to get stuck with the job of entertaining them. Especially because I think my grandma said they were within a few years of my age... I always get volunteered for that kind of thing without my consent, and it really bugs me. What if I don't want to entertain strangers? Ughh. But I can't even be mad right now! I'm like the face in my icon!


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Haha, it has been a while. I

Haha, it has been a while. I was wondering when we'd hear from you again... so all is mostly well in the Super Duck world?

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Yes, pretty much. :)

Yes, pretty much. :)