Telling my mom and aunt

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Ok, I first wrote this a week or so ago, but I accidently shut my computer off and lost it. So I will try to rewrite it as best I can.
Well my mom, aunt, and I went to eat one night, and I decided to see what they'd say. So I used the classic- my friend- excuse, but it worked even better becuase my friend actually is. I asked them what they thought of her being bi. My mom said
"I think she's confused on which gender she wants to fu4k"
when I told her I don't think that, my aunt asked what I like and I said I didn't know. I also said that it explains alot about how I've felt for a while. My mom asked
"So you're telling me you've had sex with a girl?"
I told her no and she was all "well thats how you tell." I then started to explain to her that its not just about that, but I quit because she wasn't understanding.
Then on the way home I was texting my long distance gf and my mom asked who I was texting and before I could say anything my aunt said
"Well it can't be a girl, seeing as how she's lesbian."
I told her that I didn't say that, so she corrected herself-
"Oh, right. Becuase you're bi."
We sat in silence until my mom said
"Well ya know, maybe 'your friend' needs to see a therapist, because shes confused."
so I said "Well what if shes not confused?"
She didn't say anything after that, until she asked,
"I wonder who she would be in a relationship- the guy or the girl"
I didn't even try to explain that one, because I knew it would be hopeless..So there is the short but awful conversation I had with my mom and my aunt when I attempted to tell them I'm bi. Sorry it's so choppy and awful :D