Telling other people

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Once I finally came out to myself that I am Bi, I felt that I should tell at least one person so that I didn't have to continue to hide.
First I picked one of my good friends. The only bad thing is, that she is the daughter of a LCMS pastor. (NOTE: all of my friends are Lutheran, because I go to a private LCMS Lutheran School) She took it pretty well actually. She told me that she won't like my decision (even though its not really a decision) but that she will respect it and she told me that no matter what happenes, she will never leave me.
She was the person who took it the best.
Then I decided to somewhat tell a guy friend of mine. We were walking to the mall and I told him about the girl who asked me online if I was straight. I then casuasilly asked him what he would do if I was GLBT. His reply was that he would physically hit me- with a Bible. We then both dropped the topic until we were at the lunch table one day and he started to joke about it. I told him that what he said was offensive and he was all "Well it's not like you're gay, I mean you do have a boyfriend." When he said that, I turned to him and said "Doesn't mean I'm perfectly straight or gay, I go both ways." That shut him up, and he has pretty much tried to ignore it now. If he does bring it up, he makes fun on me. He also signed my yearbook "What would Jesus do?" and "Fully rely on Jesus" We also had a fight online about it (I might post it sometime) he told me that I have a disease that can be cured or controlled.
My ex boyfriend was really really accepting of me. He still treats me the same, and it hasn't changed his opinion of me for the worse. He actually thinks highly of me for being true to myself, even if I'm being made fun of for it.
I asked another friend what he thought about GLBT people and he told me that it's against the Bible and that they are going to burn in hell for their decision to like the same gender.
Those are the only people I have told. I don't wanna risk it getting around too fast. It's hard enough as it is, I already don't get good sleep at night, because I'm thinking about the whole burning in hell thing. I don't need school to get too awful yet.
My next entry will be about what happened when I sorta revealed myself to my mom and aunt.